The Walking Dead Season 8 Will Be Action-Heavy Throughout

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The war between the Saviors and the other communities on The Walking Dead is going to be an epic one, with the 16-episode Season 8 set to be incredibly action-heavy.

With whole episodes meandering through the back roads of Georgia and Virgina, AMC's zombie apocalypse can sometimes be accused of being a little slow at times. That being said, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, and The Walking Dead has become a master at crafting action-packed scenes of death and destruction. With Season 7 ending on the cusp of war, we finally saw The Hilltop, Alexandria, and The Kingdom united and poised to take down Negan and his sanctuary of Saviors; and the premiere set to be action-packed.

For those worried that we will have another season on tense face offs or sipping lemonade on the porch, though, showrunner Scott M. Gimple promises that it will be all guns blazing from the get go. Speaking to EW, the Season 8 showrunner assured fans that no time will be wasted before they tackle the "All Out War" storyline from the comics:

“It’s massively heavy on the action. I really wanted to push into different ways than we’ve done things in a long time, just by virtue of we’re a show going into its eighth year and I really don’t want to do what we’ve done before, even if we’ve done it really well. If we’re super satisfied with it, that’s why we shouldn’t do the same thing. And because of that and really mostly because of the narrative itself, I had us embrace a really action-heavy story for several episodes in a row.”

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It looks like the showrunners are acutely aware of the major fan criticisms and are doing their best to address them. The previous promise about the premiere could have easily been read as a big splash opening before treading water, but it sounds like even "quiet" episodes will hit hard:

“We’re pushing ourselves to structure the stories in different ways, or at least, different ways than we’ve done in a long time. It’s action on action on action. And even what I would call the quieter episode, which is episode 5, even looking at that, it still doesn’t feel chill and introspective."

The trailer which premiered at San Diego Comic-Con certainly seemed to show increased scope and budget, so the new season should be high on spectacle. No matter what happens, The Walking Dead is certainly hoping to top its yearly promise of this being the "best season yet." Although there may have been a ratings blip over Season 7, there are still more than enough ravenous zombie fans to stop this show shuffling off to an early grave.

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Source: EW

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