The Walking Dead Season 7 Promos Ask ‘Who Will Meet Lucille?’

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The Walking Dead’s big season 6 cliffhanger ending has been a doozy for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that almost nothing has been seen of the Alexandrian survivors in season 7 promos thus far - as a consequence of the question mark looming over their heads right now. Since the fate of most of the show’s main characters are still to be determined by the season 7 premiere episode, the only glimpses fans have really gotten of these heroes is a pic of them all lined up to kneel before Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his pending swing session - and even that was nothing truly new.

Until October, when the new season launches and finally settles the issue of who succumbs to the barbed bat, that’s probably not going to change, either. However, there is a new series of teasers that further plays upon the issue of who’s going to go down in the first return episode - and while there’s no new footage contained for each within them, the list of characters teased in the series might just help to put away any conspiracy theories about certain characters who were not among the original line-up (like baby Judith, Carol, or Father Gabriel, for example?).  

The videos also serve as a preemptive memorialization of each potential victim -- as if fans needed any more reminder of the stakes at play in Negan’s little game of “eeny meeny miny moe.” Read on to check them out:

Aaron (Ross Marquand)

The actor who portrays Aaron, Ross Marquand, has already sort of hinted that he’s not the one on the chopping block because when he talked about the devastation to come, he hinted that “it was an absolute loss of someone that we really care a lot about” and that the exit of [insert your guess here] was, for him, like losing a family member. He didn’t outright mark his own name off the list or anything, but reading between the lines of his remarks, there’s a suggestion that it’s someone else and not him.

Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green)

There are those who’ve already taken Sasha off their predictions lists because of her placement in the lineup as compared with where Negan turned to wield Lucille - but who knows.

Rosita (Christian Serratos)

Rosita is definitely still a wild card. However, given her character’s limited importance thus far and the fact that in the comics, Negan’s not known to harm women and children, it seems a little less likely.

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)

He’s safe. Confirmed. But nice try!

Michonne (Danai Guthrie)

If for some reason, the “no women and children” rule doesn’t apply to the TV version of Negan, Michonne is also a candidate for the chaos to come because she is a fan-favorite, one of the strongest leaders of the group, a romantic interest for Rick (who’s already been devastated enough by one partner’s passing), and a mother figure to Carl and Judith. The loss of her would definitely cause some of those shockwaves everyone’s been bracing for all this time.

Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan)

Alas, Maggie is very much still a possibility. Apart from Judith, her death would be the most gulp-worthy imaginable right now, especially since she’s expecting.

Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun)

If the show follows the comic book canon on this scene, it’s Glenn that’s going down. But The Walking Dead hasn’t always run right alongside its source material, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan himself insinuated it wouldn’t be Glenn. However, as Game of Thrones fans learned from the “Jon Snow is dead” kerfuffle, words like those only count for so much.

Eugene (Josh McDermitt)

Given the amount of facetime Eugene had in the season 6 finale, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see him go down first.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus)

If Mr. Morgan’s words hold true, Daryl too is safe from the coming slaughter session. However, he’s exactly the kind of character whose death would wreak havoc on the fanbase, so don’t count him out just yet.

Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs)

Carl definitely still counts as a kid, where Negan’s hypothetical morality might be concerned. Moreover, the fact that Negan threatened to harm him if he didn’t cooperate (which he did) makes it seem unlikely he’d become the ball for Negan’s batting practice session.

Abraham Ford (Michael Cuditz)

A lot of people really, really think Abe’s up for expiration due to his placement in line - and the fact that he’d started to become something of an optimist by the end of season 6. One thing is for certain at this point: the matter of who meets Lucille has most definitely been (forgive the wording) beaten to death by now.

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The Walking Dead returns to AMC for season 7 on Sunday, Oct. 23rd.

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