There was plenty of buildup throughout last season of the arrival of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, only to have his first true appearance be a mere hint of what is to come. Now, the latest promo for The Walking Dead teases the looming presence that Negan will have throughout the show’s seventh this season.

The official Twitter account for The Walking Dead released another new, short clip to promote the nearing season premiere. Who is going to die has been the biggest question amongst viewers all summer long, and the show’s producers and actors have not been shy in telling fans that it will deliver when the time comes. While the new clip doesn’t tease who is on the receiving end of Negan’s swing, it gives fans the biggest look yet at Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the expanded role he’ll play during season 7.

The Walking Dead season 7 key art The Walking Dead Season 7 Promo: Negan is Everywhere

Negan is the latest and biggest threat that the remaining main characters will have to face off against in the upcoming season, and the actor has so far seemed to perfectly embody the most notable villain from the source material. The battle for control of Alexandria and the rest of the semi-developed areas that have popped up since the zombie outbreak occurred is at the center of the struggle between Negan and Rick. As has been seen time and time again, Rick’s not the sort to simply accept others taking what he has built, and he certainly holds a grudge when one of his own is hurt or worse. All of this should lead to an epic encounter when/if he escapes Negan’s wrath.

Most viewers may be more focused on the main cast of characters and figuring out who survived last season’s cliffhanger, but there could be more from the core cast nearing the end with Negan so close by. Morgan’s ability to be ruthless and charming all at once should help push Negan to being the best villain the show has had so far, with the potential to be one of the best characters in general that the show will ever have during it’s run. Just as the promo indicates, this is Negan’s world now and everybody else is just trying to survive.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC for season 7 on Sunday, Oct. 23rd.

Source: The Walking Dead

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