The Walking Dead Season 7 Posters: The Price Will Be Paid

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While the reaction to The Walking Dead's season 6 ending cliffhanger was at times extremely negative, at the end of the day, it seems to have accomplished the intended goal of both AMC and series producers. TWD's season 7 premiere carries with it levels of hype and anticipation never before witnessed, even for the most watched drama on TV. The identity of Negan's victim is still arguably the most debated pop culture question out there right now, and still provokes disagreements among fans who have become convinced they know which member of Rick's group really met their demise at the business end of Lucille.

As has become well-known even to those who haven't read The Walking Dead comic book, Glenn is the one who was beaten to death by Negan after the character's introduction in print, although many believe that the show won't go that route for reasons of predictability for readers of the source material. Also, the reaction to Glenn's fake-out non-death early in season 6 was nearly as negative as the reaction to the finale cliffhanger, so it seems unlikely that showrunner Scott Gimple and company would want to risk reigniting fan ire by killing him off for real this time.

To keep the hype train rolling along, AMC has released three new promotional posters for Walking Dead season 7, focusing on the heavy price that Rick and one specific member of his group will have to pay for crossing Negan. Amateur sleuths shouldn't expect them to provide any clues as to who Negan kills though, as each image is consistent with how the characters looked in the season 6 finale and season 7 trailer. The three posters can be seen directly below.

The first poster features Rick on his knees, with the tagline "The Price Will Be Paid" written above. The second puts the spotlight on a Lucille-wielding Negan, who looks about ready to strike. The tagline on this poster is "The Next World", likely pointing to the brand new world of servitude the surviving members of Rick's group are in for as their journey through season 7 begins. The third and final new poster casts Negan and Lucille in silhouette, and includes the season 7 premiere date up top.

As The Walking Dead's season 7 premiere grows ever closer, fans continue to come to terms with the fact that a major character, possibly one of their personal favorites, is about to die in one of the worst ways imaginable. When several of the options for Negan's victim include a pregnant woman, a child, and some of the most popular characters in series history, it's hard to imagine that the season 7 premiere won't leave fans shaken and wondering how to reconcile what they've just seen. Rick's group has almost always had a knack for escaping from deadly situations like these, but there will be no escape this time. The price will be paid.

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The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 9pm on AMC.

Source: AMC [via Comic Book]

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