The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan Talks Maggie's Pregnancy in Season 7

The Walking Dead - Lauren Cohan talks Maggie's pregnancy

If there’s one character whose situation is causing the most dread among The Walking Dead fans as season 7 approaches, it’s Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan). Why? Well, she’s pregnant. And as we learned from Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) and the birth of Judith in the third season, the apocalypse is not very kind to expectant mothers. Not only that, but she was also within range of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)’s deathly swing session at the tail end of season 6, and the actor playing the newest big bad may or may not have just eliminated everyone that superseded Maggie on the potential victims list.

Lauren Cohan, who’s remained pretty mum on the season 7 status of Maggie so far, has finally spoken up about her character and why she and husband Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) felt comfortable enough in the once-safe space at Hilltop to bring a new life into a scene of so much death. Reading between the lines of what she’s said, this doesn’t exactly spell good news for the Maggie enthusiasts of The Walking Dead fandom.

As reported by Comic Book, Cohan spoke to select journalists after the show’s Hall H panel at Comic-Con, and while she didn’t specifically say whether Maggie will walk away unscathed from the Negan’s brutal blow, her words do suggest a moment of “breaking” to come for our survivors.

If we think of the theme of pregnancy, Maggie is a hopeful character and she’s deciding that it’s a good idea to hope that the future world will have a place for her child. I think that’s so important. I think that for the group and what Judith has given us and in the repeated rising from the ashes that we have all experienced up to this point … I think the lesson that I take from character progression and from what we see in the shows is that there will be some breaking that’s inevitable but we do come and we do learn how much deeper is your spiritual connection and those that you love and things like how you decide about that … It’s a horrible crazy world but we have a triumph in the longest because we know who we are and we know who we are to each other.

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Cohan’s vagueness here means nothing standing alone, since it’s been the running theme of the press surrounding any character -- well, except Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), who’s a confirmed non-kill for the scene -- who was made to kneel before the Saviors’ Lucille-wielding leader. However, her suggestion that Maggie has embodied so much hope for joy and security for the future of the group seems a little unsettling, no?

After all, the executive producers on the show have previously teased that season 7 will be about opening up the worldview of the Alexandrian survivors and making Rick & Co. realize that this exact kind of can-conquer attitude is for naught. So, does this strengthen the theory that Maggie is on the proverbial chopping block for the season 7 premiere? It certainly doesn’t give us any reason to mark her off the list, that’s for sure.

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The Walking Dead season 7 premieres on AMC on October 23rd, 2016.

Source: Comic Book

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