The Walking Dead Season Finale Previews: Everybody Wants Negan Dead

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead

The second-to-last episode of The Walking Dead Season 7 saw Rick and the group arriving at Oceanside intent on either enlisting the camp to their cause or simply taking their guns and going off to use them on Negan. Turned out, Oceanside's leader Natania wasn't too keen on joining the mission to take down Negan, despite Tara's best efforts to persuade her. So Rick was forced to just take what he wanted.

Meanwhile, Sasha awoke in a cell inside the Saviors' compound and was treated to a near-rape at the hands of one of Negan's minions, until Negan himself showed up to stop the attack. Unfortunately for Sasha, her situation didn't improve much after that and she found herself begging Eugene to slip her a weapon so she could kill herself and not end up a tool of Negan.

What will happen with Sasha inside that cell? Is Rick ready to put his coalition together and begin the war against Negan? These are just two of the questions that may - or may not - be answered in next week's season finale of The Walking Dead. The above preview (via AMC) teases the action, which could include Dwight joining up with Rick if Rick decides not to just shoot him. By the looks of it, the action will take place in Alexandria which we see being fortified against Negan's army. We see only a brief glimpse of Maggie at Hilltop after last week's apparent rapprochement between her and Gregory.

In an extended look at one key scene from the finale, we see Ezekiel and his army - including standard-bearer Jerry - getting ready to go to war. In the scene, Ezekiel tries to get Morgan to join up and take care of Negan and his "capricious malevolence" once and for all. As we see in the background, Carol is all armored-up and ready to get it on.

Not a whole lot of information is being offered up about the finale, but fans have been assured that there will be no cliffhanger shenanigans like those that wrapped up Season 6. So, don't expect this episode to end with a repeat of Negan rounding everyone up and playing a grisly game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe. With Jeffery Dean Morgan signed on for Season 8, don't expect to see the end of Negan either. Scott Gimple promised the episode will set up the "epic" story to come.

How the season's final episode will play out is anyone's guess, but it's a good bet Sasha won't get out of her cell after taking the poison capsule from Eugene. No doubt there will be some surprises as The Walking Dead wraps up its intriguing and at times controversial seventh season.

The Walking Dead airs April 2, 2017 on AMC.

Source: AMC

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