Walking Dead: More Season 7.5 Episode Titles & Synopses

Andrew Lincoln and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 8

The Walking Dead is coming back from its midseason hiatus soon and though specific details about what will happen are understandably sparse, teasers are abundant. We've seen videos and images, we've heard from cast members and showrunner Scott Gimple, and we've even gotten an episode title and (very brief) synopsis for the show's return installment.

All this adds up to big time intrigue leading into the show's return-to-air on AMC. What will happen when Rick and the group finally meet up with Ezekiel at the Kingdom? How will Oceanside figure into the action? Are The Whisperers coming? Will Carol ever get over her aversion to pomegranates?

From SpoilerTV comes a new batch of hints in the form of some episode titles and synopses. Naturally there aren't a ton of clues here but there's at least a little to discuss:

Episode 7.10 - New Best Friends

While searching for a missing Alexandrian, Rick and his group encounter a mysterious collective, its inhabitants unlike any they have come across.

Episode 7.11 - Hostiles and Calamities

An Alexandrian discovers they must navigate the mysterious, confusing and terrifying world within the Saviors' compound.

Episode 7.12 - Say Yes

The group scavenges for supplies; back in Alexandria, someone must make a morally challenging decision.

Episode 7.13 - Bury Me Here

Things do not go as planned when a group of Kingdommers delivers goods to the Saviors during a routine supply drop-off.

The Walking Dead season 7 - Rick and a new group

Episode 10 "New Best Friends" seems to be another hint about Rick and the group coming across a community that hasn't been introduced before. Some have theorized that comic book baddies The Whisperers could be about to show up, and maybe this new group is them. But with so many groups already involved on the show, introducing a whole new bunch of villains might be a bit much for fans to digest.

The episode 11 summary seems to promise a harrowing solo episode. Eugene was of course kidnapped by Negan and the Saviors during the midseason finale so perhaps he's the one navigating within the Saviors' compound. Episode 12 promises a "morally challenging decision" which sounds like every episode of the show. Episode 13 is entitled "Bury Me Here" which doesn't sound like good news. Three more episodes will follow the ones listed above, but don't expect another fan-infuriating cliffhanger at the end of episode 16 like last year.

All indications are that season 7.5 will feature some very dramatic developments leading up to a confrontation between a coalition of good-guy communities and Negan. Will the second half of the season be as dreary and violent as the first half? It's hard to imagine things getting any more brutal and depressing than they were in the season's first couple episodes. But even though season 7.5 is supposed to feature more "levity," rest assured things will also take their dark turns.

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The Walking Dead returns Sunday February 12 @9pm on AMC.

Source: SpoilerTV

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