Walking Dead: Service Spoilers Discussion – When Negan Comes Knocking

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negainn The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 4

In the time between The Walking Dead season 7 premiere and 'Service,' viewers have been treated to a new way of life over in The Kingdom, and in The Sanctuary, where Negan and his cohort of in-name-only doppelgängers live. Last week's visit to the Saviors' home turf also illustrated a distinct change of pace for Daryl, who has taken to munching on dog food sandwiches and memorizing the words to 'Easy Street'. What hasn't been seen, though, is how life has continued for the other survivors – the ones allowed to travel back to Alexandria with the knowledge they are now in service to Negan and his Saviors.

There is a lot of ground to cover, which the show has acknowledged ahead of time by announcing a super-sized episode, hovering around the 90-minute mark. What will The Walking Dead do with that amount of time, and what sort of punishment will be doled out to Rick and the other Alexandrians when Negan makes a surprise visit? Is he there for a reason, or you know, did he just stop by to say hi, swing his big bat around, and collect stuff?

There will no doubt be plenty from the episode that you’ll want to share before the others have had a chance to see it, so feel free to do that here. Comments and discussions made here are posted under the assumption that everyone reading has already seen The Walking Dead season 7, episode 4, ‘Service.’ That means it’s going to be full-on spoiler central. If you haven’t yet seen the episode, this might not be the place you want to hang out.

For an in-depth look at episode, be sure to read our review, which will be up soon. Feel free to discuss all aspects of ‘Service' right here.


The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with 'Go Getters' @9pm on AMC.

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