The Walking Dead Season 7 Won't End On A Cliffhanger


For many, the current seventh season of The Walking Dead has been somewhat of a disappointment. Opening things up late last year with the brutal slayings of not one, but two characters that have been integral to the story for some time, the series immediately got off on the wrong foot with fans. The show even scored its lowest ratings in four years at the back-end of 2016 – though it did manage to pick things up again when it returned from its midseason break. Since then, the viewers have been a little kinder as to the direction the story is taking.

One of the main problems people cited for turning their back on the zombie show was the way in which Season 6 wrapped up. Series bosses decided to leave things on a cliffhanger to ensure fans would return to the show upon its Season 7 premiere, and further teased out the resolution, aggravating a lot of viewers.

Now, showrunner Scott Gimple has spoken out to assure fans they won’t be left with the same sort of irritating end that they had to deal with when Season 6 wrapped. Speaking to EW, Gimple explained:

“I just think it’s everything. It is everything and the kitchen sink. It is exciting and it’s very emotional and I believe it’s funny in a couple parts, and it builds and builds and builds and it explodes. And though it promises more – because there is a whole lot to get to – there is an ending. It really is just a huge episode inasmuch as it has all of the flavors of this season. It is taking your cup and going down each soda jet and taking a little from each one and then throwing in some hot sauce, a little bit of lime, and then maybe a tiny bit of tequila, as well.”


The comments come after it was revealed there will be death and bloodshed in the final episode. That doesn't necessarily mean there'll be a complete resolution of the main arcs, but at the very least, ‘Big Bad’ Negan won't be waving goodbye just yet; this season has really only served as the start of his story and back in November 2016, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan confirmed that he had signed on for the show’s eighth outing.

It’s still good to hear that writers have taken into account everybody’s taste when it comes to the finale. Having been so far off the mark back in Season 6, they’re making sure they tick every box with the current season’s last episode so that more people than ever before will leave the show in a positive mood.


In saying that, the episode sounds like a massively jam-packed one. If those working on it try to do too much, they could end up shooting themselves in the foot and failing to achieve anything substantial. Hopefully, with all of their experience, they can avoid scoring an own goal on this one.

The Walking Dead continues on Sunday, March 19 with ‘The Other Side’ at 9pm on AMC. The Season 7 finale, ‘The First Day of the Rest of Your Life’ is scheduled to air two weeks later on Sunday, April 2.

Source: EW

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