The Walking Dead Season 6 Featurette Teases What's On the Way

Fans of post-apocalyptic thriller The Walking Dead know what time of year it is when the leaves start to fall. The one holiday that trumps Halloween for adults nowadays is Walking Dead premiere day, and Season 6 is right around the corner!

Now AMC has released a great new behind the scenes video, featuring interviews with the cast and a few scenes from the new season. The video delves into the story and the challenges - both human and undead - that our favorite characters will be forced to endure in season six of The Walking Dead.

The video gives fans some great interviews with key cast and crew members, including Lennie James, who returned at the end of Season 5 to reprise his role as Morgan Jones. The last season found Rick and the group trying to at least pretend to acclimate to the sheltered and naive life behind the walls of Alexandria, but as we all saw in the Season 5 finale, all bets are off. In Season 6 we're going to have a changed Deanna, who has now lost her husband and one of her sons. The harsh reality of the outside has begun to finally touch her life, and the decision to let her constable execute one of her citizens will most certainly change not only Deanna, but also how the rest of the citizens of Alexandria view her.

These video interviews make it clear that Season 6 is going to involve the citizens of Alexandria having to find a way to trust and live with Rick and his group in their true form. Co-executive producer Denise Huth puts it best when she says that as long as the citizens continue to be naive to the dangers of the outside world, they are dangerous to live with. It will be interesting to see how Rick interacts with Morgan after so long, because after the events of the prison and Terminus he is certainly a different Rick Grimes. Morgan, no doubt, has evolved too after losing his son and somewhat losing his mind for a time.

The Walking Dead Season 6 cast

Fans of the comic book series already know how far the series deviates from that established continuity, so we don't really have a completely accurate measuring stick for the direction that the show is going to take. What we can see pretty clearly is that Rick will continue to evolve and explore his own brutality vs his humanity, and Morgan is going to end up being a wild card.

Very little concrete news has been let out about the season, save the news that the comic book character Paul 'Jesus' Monroe (Tom Payne) will be added to the show, along with Heath (Corey Hawkins), and that digital effects will be necessary to show the natural decay of the zombies. After all, they've been around for a while.

The Walking Dead returns October 11th at 9 PM (eastern) on AMC. Fear the Walking Dead currently airs Sunday nights at 9 PM (eastern) on AMC.

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