The Walking Dead Season 6: Tom Payne Cast As 'Jesus'

The Walking Dead season 6 - Tom Payne to play Paul 'Jesus' Monroe

AMC's The Walking Dead has an incredibly high character turnover rate -- after all, 70% of the show's characters have been killed off over five seasons, thus far. In this post-zombpocalyptic world, only the strongest, and most capable can survive -- some original (like Daryl), some adapted from Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore's source comics (like Michonne).

While we already know that Walking Dead's sixth season will bolster the cast with some brand new members, the most recently revealed addition is also perhaps one of the most exciting.

According to The Wrap, actor Tom Payne will join the cast of the post-apocalyptic series as character Paul "Jesus" Monroe. Audiences will recognize the 32-year-old British actor from his work on television series Waterloo Road and Luck, and/or the 2013 film The Physician.

As many fans of The Walking Dead comics already know, Paul "Jesus" Monroe is a one time member of the Hilltop Colony and current resident of the Alexandria Safe Zone. He has a calm, logical demeanor that leads to him becoming one of Rick Grimes' most trusted and valuable allies. One of the most exciting implications of Monroe's introduction to the series is that his involvement -- if the show is in fact sticking to the comics -- could possibly signal the arrival of The Saviors and Negan at some point in the near future. Actor Xander Berkeley has been cast as an unnamed character with similar Negan-esque characteristics, so speculation is currently rampant.

Walking Dead season 6 - Tom Payne from The Physician
Tom Payne from The Physician

By adhering more closely to the continuity of the comics, The Walking Dead is able to further differentiate itself from sister series Fear The Walking Dead. While the latter has thus far shown audiences a relatively grounded portrayal of what happens when the world starts 'coming to an end', the former provides contrast by showing what the world looks like when its living inhabitants are people willing to go to extremes.

That being said, The Walking Dead has already deviated from its comic source material to a significant degree, and the landscape of the Alexandria Safe Zone likewise differs greatly from that of its illustrate counterpart. At this point there's no guarantee that Jesus' arrival signals anything else that fans of the source material will recognize... but no harm in hoping and/or speculating at this stage, right?

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The Walking Dead returns October 11th at 9pm on AMC. Fear the Walking Dead currently airs Sunday nights at 9pm on AMC.

Source: The Wrap

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