The Walking Dead Sneak Peek Teases the Aftermath of the Attack

The Walking Dead Deanna

The Walking Dead has experienced some highs and lows throughout its run, but after the first four episodes of its most recent season, AMC's widely popular zombie TV show has experienced an all-time high in quality, tension, and zombie body count. Season 6 is not only a benchmark in pacing and character development, but it's also reached a level of storytelling that viewers haven't seen from the show in a long time.

The TV show built Season 6 around tension, suspense, and engaging character development, with the season's first three episodes centered on wrangling a massive zombie horde, a community invasion from the mysterious Wolves, and let's not forget the Glenn cliffhanger from episode three "Thank You." While last night's episode "Here's Not Here" unfolded largely in a past setting with only two characters and sparse dialogue, next week's episode might reveal the aftermath of the invasion.

AMC released a short minute-and-a-half sneak preview of the next episode in Season 6, which is titled "Now." It features Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh), the leader of the Alexandria community. She's climbing a ladder of one of the community's walls after the threat from the Wolves was stopped. Deanna stops to remember her dead husband, Reg, when she sees her dead neighbors and overhears Michonne (Danai Gurira) tell Maggie (Lauren Cohan) that her husband Glenn is missing. Then a loud yell from the other side of the wall gets her attention.

The Walking Dead Deanna

It's believed that the loud voice is Rick as he races back to Alexandria. He was in an RV when marauders tried to ambush him and just before a horde of zombies surround his vehicle. Last night's episode was a deeper character study break from the overall story, so it seems that "Now" will bring the storylines from "First Time Again," "JSS," and "Thank You" back together again.

So far, Season 6 of The Walking Dead has been impressive and surprisingly nuanced after just four episodes into the season. It's clear to see why AMC renewed the zombie TV show for a seventh season so early into its sixth season run. The cable network wants to keep its fans and viewers excited for its flagship TV show.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

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