The Walking Dead Season 6 Clip Sets Up Negan's Arrival

The Walking Dead season 6 is currently on its mid-season hiatus with eight more episodes coming in February 2016. The zombie TV drama will hopefully deliver a satisfying level of zombie action and in-depth character development, when it picks back up next year.

While the zombies on The Walking Dead are a continuous threat to Rick's group, it's clear that the real threat they face is not the undead, but rather regular people around them who intimidate and terrorize their safety and lives. Over the years, we've seen major human villains on the show - most notably, the Governor (David Morissey). When The Walking Dead returns to finish out season 6, we're going to see a new villain that will be more evil and cunning.

While the mid-season finale mostly stayed with Rick, Morgan, and Carol, AMC has released a new prolouge that will lead into the upcoming mid-season premiere. It features Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham on their way back to Alexandria after they were separated from the group during the zombie herd round-up and now they have a new truck, weapons, and a snazzy new military uniform for Abraham. They are confronted with a road block of machine gun-toting bikers, known as the Saviors. One of them tells the trio to get out of their vehicle and informs them that everything they have now belongs to their leader: Negan.


[Warning: SPOILERS for The Walking Dead comic book below.]


The Walking Dead Season 6 Negan

If you're not familiar with Negan, he's one of the big baddies from the Walking Dead comic books. He's a sociopath who is brutal and foul-mouthed. He also always carries around a baseball bat wrapped in barb wire. He's introduced in the comic book when Rick's group makes it to Washington D.C., as he also forces other groups of survivors around him to give up their supplies and weapons in exchange for "Sanctuary." Negan will also be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen), and rumor is he won't appear until the season 6 finale, so before then he may just be mentioned as his Saviors torment Rick's group.

Last night's mid-season finale was exciting with a lot of twists and turns. It's going to be interesting to see if Rick's group will try to leave Alexandria now that it's overrun with zombies, or if they'll just try to lead them out somehow. One thing is for sure, though: the Saviors will have a run-in with Rick Grimes, most likely at Sanctuary, during the second half of season 6 and there's a good chance the live-action version of Negan will prove to have been worth the build-up.

The Walking Dead returns in February 2016 on AMC.

Source: AMC

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