'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Character Teasers & Featurette

The Walking Dead Season 5 Character Teasers & Featurette

In less than two weeks AMC's The Walking Dead will shuffle back on to television screens, bringing us face to face with Rick, Carl, Michonne, and the rest of the survivors' latest obstacle. Namely, those crazy and dangerous folk of Terminus - the settlement that for much of season 4 promised salvation, only to see it become a trap for those foolish enough to enter.

Season 5 trailers and promotional photos indicate that Rick and the gang won't be going down without a fight, so fans should expect our survivors and the residents of Terminus to be at each others' throats early on. Besides, there are more important matters they need to get to - like traveling to Washington D.C., in the hope of discovering a cure.

But before they leave town, they'll need to deal with the Terminus threat head on. The core group of survivors have suffered through a lot - life on the road, war with The Governor, the fall of the prison - and they've been fundamentally changed by those experiences. They've become more capable killers - of both the living and the dead - and they're now willing to sacrifice almost anything to continue moving forward.

Basically, Rick and his fellow survivors are not a group you want to mess with. And that's just what The Walking Dead's executive producer Scott Gimple, co-exec Denise Huth, along with members of the cast discuss in this latest featurette. Check it out above.

There's no doubt Rick's rag-tag group will find themselves in quite the predicament when season 5 starts, picking up events only moments after season 4's shocking finale. As Gimple suggests in the above video, Terminus and what they experience there that will have a major effect on these characters. And Huth says, "It's the people they meet along their way and along these journeys that really impact them in profound ways," and not so much the walkers anymore.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Character Teasers & Featurette

It's Rick, however, who we've seen change the most throughout The Walking Dead's run, and especially as he settled in to his role as leader. Now, Gimple teases that "Rick will be as comfortable with leadership as we've ever seen him." Being more at ease with leading isn't only good news for those who rely on him, but it's very bad news for anyone in opposition. As actor Andrew Lincoln puts it, "There is no conflict within him anymore, and as a result I think he's a very dangerous proposition and a very powerful leader."

Continuing to echo that feeling of 'hunt or be hunted' that's permeating season 5, AMC has dropped three new teasers. Watch them below:

What are you most excited to see on this upcoming season of AMC's The Walking Dead? Are you expecting to see a much darker and more dangerous Rick Grimes? Let us hear what you think in the comments below!

The Walking Dead season five premieres Sunday, October 12th at 9/8c on AMC.

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