Do 'Walking Dead' Season 5 Set Photos Tease Iconic Comic Moment?

Walking Dead Season 5 header

The Walking Dead returns this fall for a season 5 storyline that sees Rick Grimes and his band of survivors leading some unscrupulous new travel buddies from Terminus on a quest to cure the zombie infection. From what we saw in the Walking Dead season 5 trailer, that journey (and the tense alliance between factions) is going to have its fair share of drama and horror - with the showrunners promising some pretty crazy development in store.

Even as we inch closer to The Walking Dead season 5 premiere, the cast is still hard at work on set filming the latter half of the season. Today we have photos from the set - courtesy of Daryl Dixon himself, Norman Reedus - which may (or may not) tease a huge moment from the Walking Dead comic books that could soon be part of the show (ironic pun).

Reedus dropped the following sequence of tweets from the set, with him and producer/makeup effects guru Greg Nicotero in the midst of a faux proposal (possibly in jest over the recent "Is Daryl gay?" topic that's been trending with fans):

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