'The Walking Dead' Set Videos Tease 'Brutal' Season 5

This week in Georgia the temperatures reached the mid-90s. It's been humid, hot, occasionally rainy, and The Walking Deadcast and crew have been filming through it all.

Season 5 will pick up events from right where we left Rick and the survivors at the end of season 4: in Terminus. After being separated for much of the last half of season 4, those who survived the prison were finally reunited at the supposedly safe-haven town, only to again be immediately imperiled.

Series creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman promised season 5 will "hit the ground running" and "that we definitely start this season in an up cycle." Star Andrew Lincoln teased the upcoming season saying, "It’s gonna be messy, it’s gonna be brutal. It’s gonna be thrilling." And while that sounds awfully similar to the hype before any season of The Walking Dead, when combined with the season 4 cliffhanger, it's clear season 5 won't waste any time before things get deadly serious.

In two new videos from the set of The Walking Dead season 5the cast and crew say what little they can about where the show is going and what fans can expect from the new season (above), and share their favorite explosions, zombie kills, and more from past seasons of the series (below).

There is no lack of enthusiasm for season 5 among the cast. Norman Reedus describes reading the scripts as "every couple pages you're just like, 'Oh my god!' and you have to put it down for second and just think about it." Lincoln calls it the "most ambitious first episode" they've ever filmed, and Lauren Cohen doubts if some of the gruesome stuff they've already shot "will make it to TV."

Yet within all this empty praise there are a few nuggets of new information. Showrunner Scott Gimple says he believes fans will most enjoy the "variety of storytelling and the variety of the characters themselves," likely hinting at the new characters we'll be introduced to who already live in Terminus. Perhaps not all who live there will pose a threat to Rick and company?

The Walking Dead

Lincoln goes on to discuss how hierarchy will play a larger role, saying "there will be a lot of people this season trying to work out where they belong." Much has changed since the group parted ways during The Governor's final attack on the prison. And obviously, with the group coming back together, there will need to be a period of adjustment. Assuming, that is, that they all make it out of their current predicament alive.

If you've missed any of The Walking Dead lately or simply want to relive the whole series from the beginning, AMC will be playing all four seasons over the coming weekend as part of their Independence Day marathon.

What are you most looking forward to in season 5 of The Walking Dead? How quickly will Rick and his fellow survivors be able to resolve their current situation? Let us hear what you think in the comments below!

The Walking Dead season 5 premieres this fall on AMC.

Source: AMC

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