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Things weren't going well for Rick Grimes and co. when last we saw them on AMC's The Walking Dead. The group of prison survivors had had its numbers trimmed down even more during the escape and subsequent journey to Terminus, and after reaching the supposed "sanctuary" they discovered that it wasn't quite as advertised.

As The Walking Dead's full-length season 5 trailer established, the next story arc will have a new antagonist and a new direction for the characters to head in. Terminus leader Gareth holds the fate of Rick and the group in his hands, but it seems that the promise of finding a cure in Washington - with the help of the somewhat shady Eugene Porter - might be enough to save them from the chopping block.

Not everyone ended up at Terminus, of course. Carol and Tyreese are still free, but in a new set of teasers for The Walking Dead season 5 it's clear that they're not out of the woods yet (figuratively or literally). Featuring only very short clips from the next season, these teasers don't give away much about what's to come, but nonetheless are a good way to help build anticipation for the show's return in October. To promote the upcoming season, this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly also features four different covers with the various characters adopting a fighting stance.

Entertainment Weekly has also released a still offering a first look at Seth Gilliam in the role of Father Gabriel Stokes. Check out all of these Walking Dead tidbits below.

Seth Gilliam Gabriel Stokes Walking Dead

EW Walking Dead cover - Daryl
EW Walking Dead cover - Glen and Maggie
EW Walking Dead cover - Michonne
EW Walking Dead cover - Rick

The covers have an interesting design, even if they do look somewhat reminiscent of the covers for K.A. Applegate's sci-fi book series Animorphs. Perhaps it's a deliberate allusion, since most of the characters on The Walking Dead have experienced a transformation in their personalities since the series began. (OK, it's probably not actually a deliberate allusion, but someone should definitely create an edit of the Daryl cover that makes it look like he's turning into a flamingo.)

Screen Rant got a chance to sit down with the cast of The Walking Dead at San Diego Comic-Con this year, and learned a few interesting facts. Executive producer Robert Kirkman, who also created the comic book series upon which the show is based, revealed that he already knows exactly when each of the characters is going to die. Meanwhile, actor Andrew Lincoln said that Rick has now more or less come to terms with the often violent necessities of defending his people, and is "in a very uncomplicated place."

In other Walking Dead news, the season 2 finale of Telltale Games' critically acclaimed episodic video game series was released this week. Head over to our sister site Game Rant to check out the review.

The Walking Dead returns for season 5 on Sunday, October 12 @9pm on AMC.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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