'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Gets New Images & Promo Banner

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In a world as unfriendly as the post-apocalyptic landscape in which AMC's The Walking Dead is set, it was probably too much to expect that Terminus would turn out to be the utopian sanctuary promised by the signs. The season 4 finale of The Walking Dead left the majority of the show's cast of characters trapped together in quite a dangerous situation, with no immediately apparent means of escape - and things are unlikely to get much more cheerful, when season 5 arrives.

We're expecting to hear a lot more about The Walking Dead during San Diego Comic-Con 2014, where most of the cast will be present alongside showrunner Scott Gimple and executive producers Gale Anne Hurd, Dave Alpert and Greg Nicotera during a panel in Hall H on Friday. (Be sure to stay tuned to Screen Rant throughout the convention for more details on what's to come in season 5.)

For now, however, a new set of stills and a promotional banner for The Walking Dead season 5 have emerged over at Entertainment Weekly and Collider. After being scattered to the four winds after fleeing the prison, most of the survivors were reunited (albeit in less than ideal circumstances) at the end of season 4, but Tyreese and Carol are still adrift with baby Judith.


The Walking Dead season 5 image - Rick

The Walking Dead season 5 image - Judith

The Walking Dead season 5 image - Daryl

The Walking Dead season 5 banner

The image of Rick doesn't give too much away, apart from the fact that he's happy to keep rocking the beard this season. Similarly, the image of Carol and Judith doesn't offer any new plot details, but it does reiterate the fact that Judith is just plain adorable. The youngest member of The Walking Dead's cast was played by no less than eight different actors (four sets of twins) between season 3 and season 4, and a new set of twins have been recruited for season 5.

The only image that could be considered revealing of the show's plot is that of poor Daryl looking a lot worse for wear, with a bloodied face and a gag. Beatings aren't a rare occurrence in The Walking Dead, and it wouldn't be surprising if this treatment was being delivered at the hands of Terminus' not-so-friendly residents.

Despite their disadvantaged situation, the cast definitely looks ready for a fight in that banner. You might want to hold on tight during the next season; it could be a bumpy ride.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC in October.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, Collider

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