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After a stunning midseason finale, AMC's The Walking Dead is set to return very soon as the regrouped survivors try to figure out just what exactly they should do now that the plan to save the world from the zombie plague is bust. At a guess, their plan is probably going to be generally stay alive - and once that is accomplished, the existential stuff can come later.

For those who have lost track, the current group consists of original team members Rick, Carl, Carol, Daryl and Glenn, Greene Farm survivor Maggie, reformed loner Michonne, prison survivors Sasha and Tyreese, the Governor's old friend Tara, and the formerly Washington-bound group of Abraham, Rosita and Eugene. Considering how many characters have been introduced over the course of the show, that leaves behind a whole lot of people who didn't make it.

As an easy guide for those have trouble keeping track of all these people, AMC has released a new set of character portraits for all 13 survivors as exclusives distributed across a range of different sites: The Huffington Post,, TVLine, Variety and Entertainment Weekly. The mugshots don't exactly give away many plot details, but anyone who wants to see the cast of The Walking Dead staring solemnly at them from their screen is in luck.

It's also a good opportunity to check out some of the details that might be missed while watching the show, such as Michonne's necklace and Rosita's hoop earrings. Wait, hoop earrings? They seem like a phenomenally bad idea in a world filled with very grabby zombies.


The Walking Dead 5B Tyreese

The Walking Dead 5B Tara

The Walking Dead 5B Sasha

The Walking Dead 5B Rosita

The Walking Dead 5B Rick

The Walking Dead 5B Michonne

The Walking Dead 5B Maggie

The Walking Dead 5B Glen

The Walking Dead 5B Eugene

The Walking Dead 5B Daryl

The Walking Dead 5B Carol

The Walking Dead 5B Carl

The Walking Dead 5B Abraham


The trailers for the second half of The Walking Dead's fifth season give away little more than these images do, only emphasizing the fact that the group will need to stick together in order to survive each passing day. According to the synopsis of the next episode, "What Happened and What's Going On", the return of The Walking Dead will find Rick and the gang "taking a detour and discovering a possible solution to the many problems they've faced."

An ideal solution would be a large, thick-walled building with lots of supplies and an electric fence surrounding it, but the group already found that - and it ended up getting trashed. What's the new solution? Hopefully some zombie repellent.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, February 8th @9pm.

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