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Now that the saga of Walter White has ended, AMC can focus on the continuing adventures of Rick Grimes and his group trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. With less than two weeks away from seeing the return of The Walking DeadAMC started releasing new footage from the highly-anticipated fourth season of the groundbreaking drama.

The Walking Dead never disappoints when it comes to making pulse-pounding teasers leading up the season premiere - and this teaser is no exception. AMC has released a new season 4 trailer, showing off all new footage of the group in action and a mess of walkers attacking the prison.

While the third season focused on both the prison and the town of Woodbury, it seems that this season will put the focus exclusively on the group trying to make the prison a safer place to live. At the end of season 3, Rick brought back the inhabitants of Woodbury and allowed them to stay in the prison. The extended season 4 trailer shown at San Diego Comic Con and the newest trailer show that letting the town of Woodbury into the prison may not have been the best decision.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Poster

As some of the recently revealed episode synopses have shown, there looks to be a lot of obstacles ahead for the group. The new trailer shows the prison overrun by walkers, with a sword-wielding Michonne telling Rick that they are "losing the war." The footage shows one of the cell blocks being breached by walkers, and fan-favorite Daryl Dixon saving a young boy from being devoured by zombies. It also has Rick saying someone attacked the cell block, which could mean there is a traitor amongst the survivors.

While the teaser doesn't offer much information on the plot for the upcoming season, it does serve its purpose by getting fans excited for the season premiere. The new footage looks incredible, with special effects wizard Greg Nicotero's fantastic walker designs being a highlight. It will be interesting change of pace to see the group wage war against the walkers instead of another group of humans. I am excited to see the group face new challenges in the prison, and I hope we will see an epic battle occur in the prison - an event that was only teased last season.

While The Governor has yet to be seen, it has already been confirmed that he will be featured in standalone episodes this season. Although I wasn't a fan of his character being left alive at the end of last season, David Morrissey has made the character his own and continues to add new layers to the famous comic book villain. With the new additions to the cast, as well the return of The Governor; the newest season of The Walking Dead is sure to be on your watch list.


The Walking Dead will return on October 13, 2013.

Source: AMC

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