'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Featurette Teases Character Turns & Plot Twists

Walking Dead No End In Sight-3

Season 3 of AMC's hit zombie drama The Walking Dead certainly brought the show to new heights of popularity, but with some faithful viewers complaining that the story was getting monotonous - as the core group of characters simply moved from place to place - producers and showrunners have released a production featurette that promises new story developments, character turns and, of course, more bloody carnage in season 4.

The clip doesn't offer much in terms of actual footage from the upcoming season, but it does take viewers behind the scenes of the production, where they get to meet the rarely-seen magic-workers of The Walking Dead, including producer/director/makeup artist Greg Nicotero, who teases that the season 4 premiere is "bigger than any script we've ever done before."

That script was written by new showrunner Scott Gimble, who penned some of the most memorable and outstanding episodes from season 3, including 'Clear,' 'Hounded,' and 'The Sorrowful Life.' With Gimble taking the reins and with the enthusiastic Nicotero leading the charge as the director of the season 4 premiere, it looks like AMC's solution to keeping the series fresh was to inject some new creative blood behind the camera.

In the clip, Nicotero also noted that new cast members should keep things interesting as well. Season 4 will surely introduce some new players to the game, but we can also expect to see other characters develop into major contributors, including Tyreese (Chad Coleman), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Beth (Emily Kinney), who have all been announced as season 4 regulars.

Walking Dead No End In Sight-3

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has hinted that Tyreese will have a major role to play in season 4 and will have a significant relationship with Rick as the two finally join sides at the end of season 3. Considering Tyreese was one of the main characters in the comics, this reveal isn't all that surprising, but it still gives fans of the show something to look forward to.

If the show is going to last until 2022 - like AMC hopes it will - then it will definitely need to continue to mix things up to keep its audience satisfied and on its toes. Many viewers are hoping the show explores more of the zombie-infested world, as well as the main characters' tattered psyches. And though fans are still not sure where season 4 will go, these teases should make them optimistic about the show's direction.


Tune in to The Walking Dead season 4 premiere in October 2013 on AMC.

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