In a year that has brought us two very popular characters from the original Walking Dead comic book series (Michonne and The Governor), it looks like  The Walking Dead season 3 is also delivering another integral character to the AMC flagship series. Reportedly AMC will add Tyreese (no, not the model) to the hit zombie TV series in the upcoming Dec. 2 fall finale, after actor Chad Coleman (The Wire) was spotted on the Woodbury set in Senoia, Georgia.

Adding to the Tyreese near-confirmation by Roamers and Lurkers, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly the creator of The Walking Dead comic book and executive producer of the TV series, Robert Kirkman, said “A big deal fan-favorite from the comic book is introduced into the show in [episode 8], so be on the lookout for that.” When asked directly if it was in fact Tyresse, Kirkman played it coy by simply saying, “I don’t know. I got no clue!” (which pretty much comes off as a yes).

For those who are fans of the Walking Dead TV adaptation, but haven’t had chance to take a look at the comic series on which the show is based: Tyreese was a former NFL linebacker pre-zombie apocalypse, who was introduced in issue #7 along with his daughter, Julie. Although physically strong, Tyresse was a terrible marksman, often using melee-style weapons in his zombie battles. Despite his troubles controlling his emotions, Tyreese’s genuine concern for all members of the group quickly created a strong friendship between him and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) – who often only trusted Tyreese to watch his son Carl while he was away.

[Walking Dead comic book Spoilers Below]

The comic version of Tyreese also shared a close bond with Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride) – both of whom he had romantic relationships with. Tyreese would later cheat on Carol with Michonne, which caused a tense rivalry with the two women until Carol concedes the competition in an extremely dramatic way.

The Walking Dead adds Tyreese the kiss The Walking Dead Season 3 Fall Finale Will Add Popular Comic Character

Carol catches Tyreese cheating with Michonne


During Tyreese’s absence from seasons 1 and 2 of the The Walking Dead  TV series, his role has been split three ways between Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) who provided the” best friend ” relationship with Rick; Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), who took on a similar role in the group as Rick’s go-to-guy; and T-Dog (IronE Singleton – who many speculated was the adapted version of Tyreese) as the only primary African-American muscle in the group.

The TV version of Tyreese will naturally be altered from his comicbook counterpart, and despite The Walking Dead’s “no one is safe” policy, it’s unlikely Darryl Dixon is going anywhere (at least for the time being). It also remains to be seen if the Tyreese, Carol and Michonne love triangle (or square if you count Darryl) will make it to the TV adaption, or will be pushed aside for less complicated storylines.

With actor Vincent Ward now established in the group as principled former prisoner Oscar (another character created for the show), one also has to wonder – will we be getting TWO African-American characters in Rick’s band of survivors? Or does the coming of Tyreese spell doom for Oscar?  And are you Happy that the AMC is finally adding Tyreese  – or is it too late in the series for you to care?


The Walking Dead airs Sundays @9pm on AMC and mark your calendars for the Dec. 2 mid-season finale ‘Made to Suffer’.

Source: EW & Roamers and Lurker

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