'Walking Dead' Season 3 Panel: New Trailer, Story Details & Lori Justification

Moderated by Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick, the cast and crew of The Walking Dead took to Comic-Con 2012 to give attendees a look at what they can expect from the series as it enters its third (and perhaps most important) season - including, unveiling the first Walking Dead season 3 trailer.

Joining the familiar cast on stage in Hall H were Danai Gurira and David Morrissey, who will play the highly-anticipated characters Michonne and The Governor, respectively. Describing the journey that Rick and the rest of the survivors will take in the upcoming season, it’s clear that their adventures in the new setting of Woodbury will significantly impact the group.

Kicking things off with talk about The Walking Dead season 3 premiere, executive producer Glen Mazzara teases its opening moments, then leads a general description of the seasonal arc:

We open on a scene of (I can't tell you) and it quickly transitions into a scene of you'll have to wait and see. We have a prison, that we've built. It's pretty amazing. It doesn't look like a backlot.

The season will be much faster-paced, with those on the panel comparing it to the far more action-packed latter half of season two, with the momentum remaining consistent throughout.

Though fans of the comics already know what to expect in The Walking Dead season 3, when to expect it to happen in the show always becomes the question – until now. The Walking Dead season 3, episode 6 (the final episode before its winter hiatus) will feature 3 familiar (and iconic) moments from The Walking Dead Comic. Foregoing spoilers for television-only viewers, it’s fair to say that it’ll be interesting to see audience reactions to it.

Walking Dead Season 3 Poster

Aside from briefly commenting on how welcoming the cast of the series was to them, Danai Gurira and David Morrissey stayed quiet about their fan-favorite characters. However, series stars Andrew Lincoln and Laurie Holden did have a few things to say, with Lincoln highlighting just how The Governor may be able to grab hold of the rest of his team:

AL: It's a really interesting way to start the season. I certainly think this season you meet him at a place where he has been pushing people away to protect his son, and in so doing he loses his humanity. Rick has isolated himself from the group and his marriage, and that's the way he's protecting everyone. I'm currently going batshit crazy by the way, the last few weeks [of filming] I'm going bananas.

LH: At the end of season two, I was saved by this wonderful woman, Michonne. It's a very different season for Andrea. She's met this alpha female and they become very good friends and they watch each other's backs. It's wonderful storytelling as the battle the elements in this apocalyptic world.

That being said, information about everyone’s two (soon-to-be) favorite characters isn’t but a click away. Showing an extended trailer from the upcoming season, almost anything and everything you hoped to is included.

From Michone and Andrea together, Rick and the group contemplating their future - and, of course, the town of Woodbury,  featuring its terrifying leader, the Governor. While we could describe it here, it’s best to view it in its entirety (below):

Not to be left out, the question of Lori’s actions (particularly during the season 2 finale) was brought up during the panel. Though we’ve previously seen executive producer Glen Mazzara refute Lori critics, this was the first time that the actress, Sarah Wayne Callies, herself spoke about the issue:

I think Lori did everything she could to handle Shane. She brought it to Rick - she didn't tell him to kill him, she told him to watch his back, which wound up right, because Shane tried to kill him and the right man won that fight.

Whether or not you agree with Callies, you’ve got to give her credit for responding. Though she is the actress that is portraying Lorie, it is the writers and producers that establish the setting, actions, and decisions that many people point to with criticism.

The Walking Dead - Lori

But enough of that… because The Walking Dead season 3 will premiere October 14 on AMC. If the trailer wasn’t enough to get you excited about what’s to come from everyone’s favorite group of survivors, you better check your pulse, because you just might be a walker yourself.

The Walking Dead premieres October 14 @9pm on AMC

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