How is that working with multiple directors on the same character? Is it difficult adjusting to everyone’s visions and takes on the character?

“Yeah, it’s fun though. You get a fresh start and take on it every ten days or so, so that’s fun.”

And now how far ahead are you compared to us? How much of the season have you shot already?

“Yeah, the whole season just wrapped up, so I’m that far ahead of you, I’m nine episodes ahead of you.”

There are so many questions I want to ask!

“[Laughs] That I can’t answer.”

Without spoiling anything, can you give us a hint of what’s in store for Milton?

“Milton’s gonna continue to struggle with his attempt to sort of codify the virus and he’s gonna struggle with the differences between him and the Governor, and which way Woodbury’s gonna go.”

How about relationship-wise? We know Milton is an only child, his parents died when he was young, he isn’t really a social butterfly in Woodbury and he just had that awkward moment with Andrea. Is he interested in any sort of relationship?

“I think the notion of it is so foreign to him that just another human being touching him is such an anathema to his experience that it’s all wrapped up in himself, you know? I’m not sure he’s got the capability yet to really engage with someone in a personal way.”


Laurie Holden Dallas Roberts ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Interview: Dallas Roberts on Milton’s Present & Future

Does Milton have any scenes with certain characters coming up that you really enjoyed shooting or are particularly memorable for you?

“I’ve got tons of really fun, memorable scenes, but I can’t tell you about any of them. [Laughs]”

[Laughs] More generally, how’s it been working with the cast? Just by following them all on Twitter it’s easy to pick up that they’ve sort of formed a family.

“Yeah, you know, the odd part about Milton so far is he’s in Woodbury and Andrea’s there, but The Walking Dead is over in the prison. Do you know what I mean? The Walking Dead that I’d watched, all those people are on the other side of the earth. I pick up the family vibe because they’ll scrawl notes to each other on the makeup mirror in between and communicate to each other like that [laughs], but yeah, so far in the season, Milton doesn’t even – well, I guess he knows that there are people.”

As someone who watched the show before, did you go into it intimated by any one actor or really excited to work with one?

“Because Milton wasn’t of the comics, I wasn’t sure what his trajectory would be or where he would interface with them. You know, it’s fun and the notion of hanging out with Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon, the expectation of that was super exciting.”

Milton just needs to go Liam Neeson in The Grey on everybody, tape some broken bottles to his hands and run out there.

“Get out there and do it! I don’t think he’d last very long.”

Or we need to see him in that zombie arena with Merle. Merle’s tough, but I feel like Milton has a chance of outsmarting him.

“[Laughs] Oh, Milton could definitely outsmart Merle, easily, 100 times. It would be like this sort of WWE, the underdog rising up.”

Michael Rooker The Walking Dead ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Interview: Dallas Roberts on Milton’s Present & Future

Do you get your hands on some weapons anytime soon?

“I keep begging for weapons, but what weapon would Milton get? I joked with that them that at some point they should just put him on top of a Humvee with a 50 cal. and he’s just great at it for no reason. He’s just amazing with it. But yeah, I think maybe a slingshot with a grape in it [laughs], something like that that’s about all the weaponry Milton’s cut out for.”

Or Milton can invent his own weapon. Something to wipe out walkers near the town wall in one clean shot.

“That’s the idea! There you go!”

Are you excited to be part of the Walking Dead fan community? The show attracts some pretty intense crowds!

“I went to Comic Con, the New York version, a month and a half ago and I wasn’t up on stage. I just sort of filtered in in the back, and just watching the energy and the sort of rabidity of the fan base was really exciting and cool, and intimidating for sure.”

And how about being the show’s mystery character? Is there a lot of pressure in that sense, needing to keep people guessing and surprised?

“It’s fun to get to know someone moment by moment and step by step the way you really get to know people in life, although the clampdown on the information and the secrecy of it makes interviews difficult sometimes. [Laughs] It’s also very good because you’ll discover more and more about Milton in Milton’s time.”

Does the production have any super strict secrecy rules, maybe ways of making sure scripts stay in the right hands?

“There’s trash cans that are specifically for paper that has scripts, sides, schedules, etc. on it. I’m a paperless dude. I work off the iPad and e-mail and that sort of thing. But yes, it could not be more closely held and more tightly lipped than they’ve got it set up over there.”

Now for the perfect follow up to that – do you have a timeline? Are you obligated to the series beyond this season?

“Well, season four hasn’t even been officially picked up, so beyond the end of this one …”

Oh, please!

“[Laughs] I know! Right? I think they should probably pick up season nine by now. So, beyond that I can’t unfortunately comment.”

The Walking Dead Season 3 ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Interview: Dallas Roberts on Milton’s Present & Future

And now not Milton, but Dallas Roberts, should there be a zombie apocalypse in our future, how would you fare?

“Good. I would. I’ve got family now so I understand doing what’s necessary to make it to the next day. Right now that’s just sort of like remembering umbrellas and packing lunches, but I think all you do is amp up the stake, and find a weapon and go. Climb to the roof first, first of all. Climb to the roof!”

So you’re taking the Rick Grimes, load up and defend the family approach?

“Or it’s sort of the Glenn approach. Find the rooftops, sneak around, find safety for people, gather supplies. And then you would hope that you could gather enough people around to start a Woodbury.”

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