Four New 'Walking Dead' Season 2 Teaser Trailers Released

The Walking Dead

Even though fall is right around the corner, there’s still two more months to wait before The Walking Dead season 2 premieres on AMC. To help whet the appetites of the series’ rabid fans, the network released four new teaser trailers up for the upcoming season.

While four trailers may sound like a large number to release at once, each trailer only runs around 10 seconds – and that’s including 6 seconds of reminiscing about rave reviews of the first season. That being said, even though there’s only a few seconds remaining to insert some new footage from the highly anticipated sophomore season, one can’t deny the excitement that it’s able to illicit – even with knowledge of all the “problems” that the series has been having recently.

With sentiments like “We can’t give up!” and “Don’t make a sound!”, the extremely brief teaser trailers give fans a taste of what’s in store for our favorite RV driving nomads. On top of that, those quick glimpses provide a certain understanding of the scope that Darabont was going for with The Walking Dead season 2.

Outside of the realm of high-rise buildings and its surrounding suburbia, the baron country landscape that will generally make up the entirety of the second season (though our fingers are crossed for an appearance of the prison – and perhaps the Governor) provide some wonderful opportunities to fill each frame with hoards of zombies seeking some of the last remaining, well, human food. Perhaps it’s this vision of scale that brought AMC to the edge, and caused them to unceremoniously fire Frank Darabont.

Of course, even though Darabont has been relieved of his duties as showrunner, director (select episodes), writer (select episodes) and executive producer of The Walking Dead, his creative vision will still be felt for much of the season. While filming is still currently taking place, quite a few episodes of the upcoming season were already completed, by Darabont himself.

The Walking Dead Zombie

Even though we’re unable to speculate what the episodes without Darabont’s involvement might look like, all of the footage that we’ve seen so far comes from the episodes that he’s had control over – and, naturally, it looks great.

…let’s just hope we can say the same about the rest.

You can view the teaser trailers below:


The Walking Dead season 2 premieres October 16 on AMC

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