'The Walking Dead' Season 2 Teaser Offers Slo-Mo Zombie Killing [UPDATED]

The Walking Dead

UPDATED: As it turns out, this "teaser trailer" was nothing more than a video put together by a fan of The Walking Dead. Please excuse me while I finish purchasing this bridge that's for sale. Perhaps you've heard of it - it's in Brooklyn.

With a little over 3 months until The Walking Dead season 2 is set to premiere, the ravenous fans of AMC’s hit zombie series can breathe a sigh of relief – the year-long wait is almost over. In celebration of this highly-anticipated event, AMC has released the first teaser trailer for the second season.

With only 30-seconds allotted for what many hope to be the first of many teaser trailers, there’s not exactly much shown in terms of story. To be fair, there’s absolutely nothing regarding The Walking Dead season 2 contained within the teaser trailer. Unless, of course, you count zombie killing – and who doesn’t count zombie killing?

Masked with some interesting filters and basked in the proverbial light of slow motion, the entirety of the extremely short teaser trailer follows everyone’s favorite sheriff, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), as he points the barrel of his gun at a zombie’s head, takes aim, and fires. With a transition to the viewpoint of the bullet itself, we find ourselves coming ever closer to the cranium of the undead.

…and then it’s over.

You can take a look at The Walking Dead season 2 teaser trailer below:

Despite the lack of anything regarding what we’ll actually see when The Walking Dead returns this October, it’s hard to fault AMC’s first teaser release. Even if it didn’t tease you as much as taunt you, one cannot deny the simple satisfaction of remembering just how great The Walking Dead season 1 was.

With not much information available in terms of intended plot points and story-arcs (outside of Hershel’s farm), dedicated fans will have rely on their ability to speculate what possible storylines from Robert Kirkman’s source material Frank Darabont will decide to focus on.

The Walking Dead Zombie

Fortunately, it appears that the traveling troupe of zombie killers may pick up some hitchhikers along the way – perhaps the same hitchhikers that are represented in the comic book?

According to Kirkman:

“The last time we saw our characters, they were loaded up into the RV and they were driving away from the CDC. We will definitely see where that caravan is going and follow them on their journey.”

As everyone knows, you can’t have road trip without a few unexpected guests – including undead ones.

Since The Walking Dead will be at Comic-Con 2011, make sure to keep an eye on Screen Rant, as we’ll be bringing you live coverage of the panels, and interviews with your favorite stars, over on our Official Comic-Con Coverage Page.


The Walking Dead season 2 is expected to premiere in Octobers on AMC

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