The Walking Dead: 6 Questions Left By Season 9, Episode 2

Negan Justin and Jadis and The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season 9 episode 2, "The Bridge" left us with some big questions. Despite being only a couple of episodes in, The Walking Dead's latest run has been incredibly eventful and radically different. After an 18-month time skip, Alexandria and its surrounding communities are working together and thriving, as Rick Grimes seeks to re-establish some kind of civilization amid the zombie apocalypse.

However, the road to establishing this goal has been far from plain sailing. In The Walking Dead season 9 premiere episode, a routine supply run ended in the death of very-obviously-doomed newcomer, Ken. Then, just as Rick and Michonne were discussing re-introducing the rule of law, Maggie had political rival Gregory executed for a botched assassination attempt. Life didn't get much easier for Rick in season 9, episode 2 this week, with escalating tensions at the Hilltop and Sanctuary boiling over during the group's mission to rebuild a bridge and trade shipments mysteriously vanishing en route. At least Jerry has a girlfriend though.

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While the second installment of The Walking Dead season 9 was certainly eventful, it also raised a number of pertinent questions and further developed some pre-existing mysteries. Here are the 6 most pressing unanswered questions from the episode.

Jadis' Helicopter Secret - What's Really Going On?


The ongoing helicopter mystery returns in The Walking Dead. Last season, Rick Grimes caught sight of an airborne chopper and was understandably puzzled at who could be flying such a vehicle around during the apocalypse. Shortly after, it was revealed that the leader of the Scavenger group, Jadis, was somehow linked to the enigmatic chopper, with a line of communication to the person or people piloting it and a landing helipad located in her old Junkyard settlement.

This week's episode confirmed that although Jadis, or Anne as she's now known, has joined Rick's group, she hasn't revealed her secrets to them and after a night of passion with Father Gabriel (which, given how it came out of nowhere, is a mystery in itself), Jadis once again spied a chopper hovering in the night sky and looked noticeably concerned by its presence. The real story regarding this scene is Jadis' worried reaction. Clearly, she and the helicopter's owners were allies at some point, why would she be so concerned to see them now?

The Walking Dead's helicopter mystery is likely going to rumble on for a while yet and although this latest development only serves to create further questions, it also reminds viewers of this ongoing story arc and reassures them that an explanation is on its way.

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Who's Attacking The Saviors?

Zach McGowan as Justin in The Walking Dead

The most significant new question raised in "The Bridge" is who exactly is behind the disappearances and attacks on various members of the Saviors. To no one's surprise, not every Savior is on board with the Rick Grimes revolution and this discontent caused some of the group to abandon the bridge-building project. None of them made it back alive and, to make matters worse, an ethanol shipment from the Sanctuary also went missing.

Initially, suspicion might turn to The Walking Dead season 9's announced antagonists, the Whisperers, who are known in the comics to attack enemies stealthily and silently. However, that fails to account for why only Saviors are being targeted and Justin's reaction during the final scene wasn't one of a man who'd just come face to face with a zombie-skin wearing assailant; it seemed he knew his attacker.

There are a few characters in The Walking Dead who might want to dispose of unruly Saviors. Daryl would be the most obvious, as someone who clearly thinks the group should've been slaughtered. Carol is another suspect, given her history of brutality and new position as leader of the Sanctuary. Or could a Savior such as Alden, who is desperate for the partnership with Rick to succeed, be trying to clear out the more troublesome members of his own group?

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Can Daryl Live In Rick's World?

Whether Daryl is responsible for the Savior attacks or not remains to be seen but whatever the outcome, a sizeable question mark still hangs over his ability to assimilate back into the civilized world. Daryl is a savage survivalist energized by the post-apocalyptic landscape and openly admits that he'd rather be surviving on the road with a small group of trusted friends than living in a large, safe, thriving community. Tragically, the more Rick develops his new world, the bigger the gulf between himself and Daryl seems to get.

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Under normal circumstances, this conflict of viewpoints might indicate an imminent stint away from the main group for Norman Reedus' character. However, it's Andrew Lincoln's Rick who has been confirmed as leaving the show. This would perhaps suggest that rather than giving in to his instincts, Rick's exit will force Daryl to deal with his hangups, settle down and fully join the effort to rebuild civilization. Aaron's line about Daryl making a good father was arguably teasing exactly that.

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