The Walking Dead Season 10 Trailer Breakdown: 11 Major Story Reveals

The Walking Dead season 10 trailer breakdown

The Walking Dead season 10 trailer has arrived, revealing what's next for the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead season 9 brought many changes to the AMC series, removing major characters like Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohen) and jumping forward in time six years. These changes were key to revitalizing the long-running series and The Walking Dead season 10 looks to be building on what made season 9 such a success.

The Walking Dead comics may have recently ended, but the AMC series shows no signs of stopping. In addition to a new season of the flagship show, its spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead has been renewed for season 6 and another as-of-yet untitled Walking Dead spinoff has announced its cast. The Walking Dead movies, which are expected to explain what happens to Rick after his "death", are also still coming, with a teaser trailer revealing that the first of these Walking Dead movies will screen in theaters and not on AMC. But while The Walking Dead universe continues to expand, the focus of the franchise is right now fixed on The Walking Dead season 10.

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The Walking Dead season 10 trailer first premiered in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con before being released online. In it, the survivors of Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside are squaring off against the latest threat to their lives - the Whisperers. First introduced in season 9, the Whisperers will continue to have a large role to play in season 10. That's not all, though, because The Walking Dead season 10 trailer also teases new allies, new enemies, new relationships, and potentially, a dark turn for at least one beloved character. Here's every story reveal from The Walking Dead season 10 trailer.

11. The Whisperer War

Alpha in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer

The Walking Dead season 9 teased an upcoming war with the Whisperers, but come season 10, it appears that war will have officially begun. Last season, the survivors crossed the border into Whisperer land in order to find shelter from a blizzard. It was a huge risk because crossing that border - the one that was initially marked by the decapitated heads of several characters on pikes - was the one thing Alpha (Samantha Morton), the Whisperers' leader told them not to do, warning that if they did, it'd be war. Whether it was the season 9 journey across the Whisperer's border or another, more recent crossing that has Alpha so angry is unclear, but it's seems safe to say that The Whisperer War is here.

10. Silence The Whisperers

Silence the Whisperers graffiti in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer

As if it wasn't already clear that the survivors and the Whisperers will be at war in The Walking Dead season 10, the message, "Silence The Whisperers" can be seen  painted on walls and sidewalks all throughout Alexandria. This phrase appears in The Walking Dead comics as well, with Rick instructing his people to paint the message throughout the town in order to keep everyone focused on the enemy. In The Walking Dead season 10, Michonne (Danai Gurira) seems to employing a similar propganda tactic, warning that fear can "drive them apart" and that everyone needs to remember who they're really fighting.

9. Negan Is Free - & Clashes With Daryl

Negan in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer

The Walking Dead season 9 sees Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) go through a surprising transformation, even earning Michonne's thanks for risking his life to save Judith. His season 9 arc suggests Negan will no longer be strictly a villain character, and in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer, he's even seen walking around freely in Alexandria. Now, there are also scenes of Negan still in his prison cell, so he may only earn limited and monitored trips outside, but as Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) points out, they're going to need every available fighter they have for the war. But even as Alexandria is warming up to the idea of a nice Negan, it seems Daryl (Norman Reedus) still doesn't trust him because there's also a scene of Daryl threatening Negan in his prison cell, teasing a fight to come between the two men.

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8. A Battle At Oceanside

Battle at Oceanside in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer

With The Whisperer War in full swing in The Walking Dead season 10, at least one battle will take place at the Oceanside community. Oceanside didn't feature much in The Walking Dead season 9, but they did join the other communities in signing the charter, meaning they're now officially allied with Alexandria and Hilltop. Just when this battle at Oceanside takes place in The Walking Dead season 10 is unclear, but given their coastal location, the survivors may have been pushed back to Oceanside and this is where they'll make their last stand. It also appears that the displaced residents from the Kingdom may have resettled in Oceanside judging by those darling shots of Jerry (Cooper Andrews) and his family on the beach. And if that's the case, then there will be a lot of lives riding on the outcome of this one battle.

7. Thora Birch As Gamma

Thora Birch as Gamma in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer

During The Walking Dead's panel at San Diego Comic-Con, two new cast members were announced - Kevin Carol as Virgil, a new survivor, and Thora Birch as Gamma, a new Whisperer character. Carol's character - who is described as man desperately trying to reunite with his family - doesn't appear to be featured in the The Walking Dead season 10 trailer, but we believe Birch's character is (above). Gamma is described as a Whisperer who is fiercely protective of Alpha, which is interesting because that's very similar to the role Beta plays in the group, so it seems Alpha will have twice as much protection in The Walking Dead season 10.

6. Daryl & Carol Are Plotting Something

Daryl and Carol in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer

The Walking Dead season 10 trailer isn't all battles and warfare, however, because several scenes feature fan-favorites Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl sharing a quiet moment in the woods. In these scenes, the two close friends seem to be discussing their future options, even considering running away together. Daryl has always been a loner type, and after ending her relationship with Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Carol looks like she, too, could fall back into her old, isolating ways. If that's the case, then The Walking Dead season 10 may be where Carol and Daryl decide they're better off leaving the other communities behind. Then again, they may not be running away but instead embarking on a dangerous mission together.

5. The Arrival of Dante

Dante in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer

In addition to the new survivor and the new Whisperer, another new character is being introduced in The Walking Dead season 10 - Dante played by actor Juan Javier Cardenas. In the comics, Dante is a Hilltop resident who begins a relationship with Maggie. He's a smooth talker, equal parts charming and annoying, but also plays an important role in keeping Hilltop safe. On the AMC series, however, Maggie is no longer around (though there's a chance that Maggie could return) so it's unlikely that Dante will be romancing her anytime soon. In which case, the Dante on AMC's The Walking Dead will probably be different from his comic book counterpart in some respects, though we hope he remains just as sarcastic and cocky.

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4. Rosita Has Her Baby

Rosita and her baby in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer

During The Walking Dead season 9, Rosita (Christian Serratos) learns she's pregnant with Siddiq's (Avi Nash) baby, starts a relationship with Gabriel, and has Eugene (Josh McDermitt) reveal to her that he's still in love with her. It's drama worthy of a soap opera, and while all involved parties seemed to come to an agreement that they'd work together to raise Rosita's child, now that her baby's born, it may not be that simple. Not to mention, raising a child in this post-apocalyptic world isn't easy to begin with, and now that there's a war coming, it's only going to become all that much harder.

3. Michonne and Ezekiel Hook Up

Michonne and Ezekiel kiss in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer

The Walking Dead season 10 trailer definitely includes some shocking moments, but none may be as surprising as the onscreen smooch shared between Michonne and Ezekiel. As of season 9, both characters are now out of long term relationships - Michonne along with everyone else believes Rick is dead, and Carol ended her marriage to Ezekiel after Henry's death. This leaves them single and ready to mingle, and while viewers of the AMC series may be shocked to see Michonne and Ezekiel locking lips, comic book readers will not. In The Walking Dead comics, it's Ezekiel who Michonne begins a relationship with, not Rick. Sadly, though, their relationship doesn't last too long because Ezekiel is one of the characters killed by the Whisperers to mark their border. Just how Michonne and Ezekiel's relationship develops in The Walking Dead season 10 is a mystery, but it's still unlikely to have a happy ending.

2. Carol & Daryl Cross The Border

Carol at the Whisperer border in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer

The Walking Dead season 10 trailer doesn't make this explicit, but it definitely strongly hints that what Carol and Daryl are secretly plotting is an attack on the Whisperers - possibly even an assassination attempt on Alpha herself. No one has more reason to want Alpha dead than Carol seeing as the Whisperers' leader murdered her son, Henry, and stuck his head on a pike to mark the border. The season 10 trailer shows Carol visiting the border and looking at Henry's carved necklace that they left as a memorial. Later on, Carol even says "the b*tch has to die" before another shot shows her an Daryl crossing the border. Of course, they likely won't be successful in killing Alpha - at least not on their first attempt - but Carol and Daryl seeking revenge for Henry may very well be the inciting incident that kicks off The Whisperer War.

1. Michonne With Lucille

Michonne holding Lucille in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer

It was also announced during The Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic-Con that season 10 will be Danai Gurira's final season as Michonne. With Gurira leaving the show, the fate of Michonne now comes in to question - namely, does Michonne die in The Walking Dead season 10? Nothing in this trailer is a sure indication of what will happen to Michonne, but the final shot of her wielding Negan's bat, Lucille, and pointing it directly at the camera is ominous to say the least. Might The Walking Dead season 10 see Michonne breaking bad? Maybe, and if she were to go down some dark path, it may be that decision leads to her death. Then again, Michonne may become so disgusted with the woman she's become that she feels she can't be around her friends and family anymore, choosing again to travel the world alone. Only time will tell how Michonne will exit The Walking Dead, but with her time on the series coming to an end, having her spend those final episodes in the possession of Lucille does not bode well.

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