Walking Dead Season 10 Teaser Previews The Whisperer War

A Whisperer from The Walking Dead season 10 stands

AMC has released a new Walking Dead season 10 teaser highlighting the Whisperer War. The zombie apocalypse franchise is about to enter its biggest era, with a new spin-off show and the first theatrical Walking Dead film.

Season 9 was arguably the most important season on The Walking Dead. After eight years, Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes exited the show, shocking longtime fans. After the six year time jump, the infamous Whisperers from the comic made their debut, and have already made an impact on viewers. The season finale had most of the characters cross Whisperer territory in a snowstorm. While the communities became fractured during the time jump, the theme of the season was re-unification. Season 10 will bring the conflict between the communities and the Whisperers to a head. Based on the Walking Dead Comic-Con trailer, there is a lot to look forward to. Now, fans can have another glimpse into the upcoming war.

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To build even more anticipation for The Walking Dead season 10, AMC has released a short promo video. The teaser doesn't contain much in the way of footage, but does show the frame of mind the communities are in as they prepare for the Whisperer War.

The teaser sets the stage for season 10. This time, the communities are on the offensive rather than defensive. In season 9, the communities were almost always one step behind Alpha and her people. Alpha was clearly in charge when she confronted Hilltop about getting her daughter back. She also went undetected into the Kingdom, and killed a number of characters. Now, based on the teaser, the communities are fully prepared and will be taking the battle to Alpha.

While The Walking Dead season 10 will presumably focus on the Whisperer War throughout, it also serves as the swan song for Danai Gurira's Michonne. Gurira confirmed during Comic-Con she would be exiting the show in season 10. Thus, in such a short amount of time, The Walking Dead has lost two of its main stars. However, in July, it was stated AMC was looking to bring back Lauren Cohan as Maggie into the franchise. If that happens, she could potentially join Daryl as the two main protagonists, but time will tell. Despite losing Lincoln and soon Gurira, many fans say the writing on The Walking Dead has been the best in years. The comic book version of the Whisperer War was highly liked by fans. If the show can put its own quality spin on it, viewers are in for a treat.

The Walking Dead season 10 premieres October 6, on AMC.

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