The Walking Dead Season 10 Trailer & Premiere Date Revealed at SDCC

The Walking Dead Season 10 Posters SDCC

Sharpen your favorite zombie-killing weapons, because the first trailer for The Walking Dead season 10 has been released during the show's Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. The premiere date for The Walking Dead season 10 was also revealed to be October 6th, and AMC promised 10 weeks of reveals until the show returns.

The Walking Dead season 10 will introduce some new characters, with Thora Birch joining the cast as Gamma, a Whisperer who is "fiercely protective" of Alpha. Kevin Carroll will play Virgil, a man who is "desperately trying to get back to his home and family." This season will also introduce Dante, a character who was Maggie's love interest in the Walking Dead comic books. The Whisperer War was the central storyline in The Walking Dead season 9 and will continue to play out in season 10, as Alexandria seeks revenge for the ten people who were murdered during the Fair.

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From the Alexandrians assembling as an army with spiked shields to a thrilling final shot of Michonne wielding a very familiar weapon, there's plenty to get excited for in this four-minute preview. Check out the SDCC 2019 trailer for The Walking Dead season 10 below:

During The Walking Dead's Hall H panel, Danai Gurira confirmed that this will be her final season playing Michonne. Showrunner Angela Kang said that "We take that responsibility really seriously, this is a character that’s important to the fans," adding that it was approached in a similar way to former series lead Andrew Lincoln's departure. Rick Grimes wasn't actually killed off, but instead will be returning in a series of Walking Dead movies, so it's possible that Michonne will end up joining him. However, in the world of The Walking Dead, a character's departure usually means their death, so perhaps the best we can hope for is that Michonne will go down in a blaze of glory against the Whisperers.

Negan, a character who was once on the opposite side of a war with the Alexandrians, now looks like he will be joining their fighters in the battle against the Whisperers. Since being locked up by Rick, Negan has had a gradual redemption arc that has seen him grow closer to Rick's daughter, Judith Grimes. He isn't keen to get involved in the fight, saying he'd rather "pick tomatoes and bury corpses," but Gabriel points out that they need all the fighters they can get.

With several major characters already killed off by the Whisperers, things will surely only get more bloody in The Walking Dead season 10. Who will make out alive? We'll find out when the show returns to AMC on October 6th.

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