Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere Surprise Accidentally Spoiled by AMC

Michonne in front of fire The Walking Dead season 10

Warning! Potential SPOILERS for The Walking Dead season 10 ahead

The Walking Dead season 10 debuts in just a few weeks time, but AMC has already inadvertently spoiled a big surprise from the upcoming premiere episode.

The Walking Dead season 9 is considered a return to form for the long running series. It may not have recaptured the ratings the series used to see back in its earlier seasons, but The Walking Dead season 9 received a far more positive reception from fans and critics than any other recent season. Big changes are on the horizon for The Walking Dead franchise, too, which is again growing interest. There are Walking Dead movies planned that will explore what happened to Rick Grimes, as well as more Walking Dead spin-offs to give audiences yet another perspective on the zombie apocalypse.

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The Walking Dead season 10 is expected to pick up where season 9 left off, but the premiere episode is also going to surprise audiences with a big twist - a twist that AMC may have just spoiled. In a video offered as a bonus to subscribers of AMC Premiere, the network's commercial-free streaming service, The Walking Dead's cast can be seen taking part in a table read of the season 10 premiere. And in an image taken from the video (via ComicBook), a poster board can be seen seen behind Siddiq actor, Avi Nash, with images of a satellite - from space! What might a satellite be doing in The Walking Dead season 10 premiere?

AMC Premiere Walking Dead table read sattelite

In addition to the images of a satellite, the poster board also appears to have images of a large fire. The Walking Dead season 10 trailer features footage of several characters fighting in front of a large blaze, so it seems the fire might begin when a satellite comes crashing to Earth. It's unclear exactly what purpose the satellite might have beyond being a fire starter, but that in itself is more than enough of a problem for the survivors considering their limited resources. The communities of Alexandria and Hilltop have come a long way, but they aren't quite to point of having a fire department.

AMC Premiere isn't a standalone service like HBO Now or CBS All-Access, but rather an upgraded version of AMC that can be added to an existing cable or live TV subscription for an additional fee. Along with being able to watch AMC shows commercial-free, there are the occasional programs that premiere on AMC Premiere before airing on AMC. The Walking Dead season 10 premiere is one of these episodes, debuting on AMC Premiere a week before it airs on AMC. The table read video is another bonus for subscribers, and in this case, it's led to AMC inadvertently spoiling an upcoming surprise well before The Walking Dead season 10 premiere is available to anyone at all.

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Source: Comic Book

The Walking Dead season 10 premieres on Sunday, October 6 on AMC.

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