Watch The Walking Dead Season 10's Opening Minutes Right Now!

AMC releases the first few minutes of The Walking Dead's season 10 opening episode, ahead of its cable airing later tonight on the channel.

AMC has released the first few minutes of The Walking Dead season 10 ahead of its premiere tonight. Since season 10's trailer at SDCC, fans have been anticipating the long-awaited war against the Whisperers.

There's been a lot of discussion about The Walking Dead as of late. Despite entering its tenth season, the overall franchise seems to just be getting started. AMC recently released the trailer for the third Walking Dead series, which focuses on a younger group of characters 10 years after the start of the zombie apocalypse. Rick Grimes is returning for a trilogy of films, the first of which is scheduled for a theatrical release in the future. Back on the main show, Danai Gurira is leaving after a number of years wielding a sword as Michonne. But, just as one fan-favorite leaves, another returns. AMC confirmed recently that Lauren Cohan's Maggie would be returning as a series regular for season 11. Clearly, The Walking Dead isn't going anywhere yet. All eyes will be on the season 10 premiere later tonight, and now fans can check out the first few minutes.

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Although The Walking Dead's season 10 premiere has long been fully available for AMC Premiere subscribers, AMC has now released the first few minutes for all fans to see. Check them out below.

The first few minutes feature Judith, Michonne, and more as the groups systematically kill Walkers from what appears to be a destroyed boat. Fans will enjoy the visceral zombie killings from Michonne's sword, giving a glimpse of the kind of action to expect from season 10. Almost all the major players are in this sequence, such as Aaron, who is leading the charge, and Magna, who unleashes an axe on Walkers.

The Walking Dead has seen declining ratings in recent years, but the last season was highly acclaimed. Season 9 ended with the communities united once again, showing a sense of hope despite a number of lost friends at the hands of Alpha. Season 10 promises to be grand, not hiding that the characters appear to be going on the offensive against Alpha and her band of Whisperers. There's nonetheless an aura of mystery surrounding the story. Will Michonne be the one to win the war, using Negan's infamous baseball bat? Will Carol get to lay the smackdown on Alpha, as producer Greg Nicotero teases? There are plenty of unanswered questions, but they should begin to be answered soon.

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The Walking Dead season 10 premieres tonight on AMC.

Source: AMC

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