Why Michonne Has Lucille In The Walking Dead Season 10

Negan Michonne with Lucille in The Walking Dead

The first trailer for The Walking Dead season 10 was shown during the franchise's SDCC 2019 panel and ended with a shot of Michonne brandishing Lucille, but why would the swordswoman be holding the weapon Negan used to kill so many of her friends? The Walking Dead's SDCC presentation and trailer premiere provided plenty of fascinating insight into season 10. A kiss between comic book couple, Michonne and Ezekiel, rising tensions with the Whisperers and confirmation that season 10 would be Danai Gurira's final stint on The Walking Dead.

Perhaps the most shocking moment, however, saw Gurira's character pointing Lucille directly at the camera, bringing The Walking Dead's season 10 trailer to a close. Lucille is, of course, the name of the barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat that was synonymous with Negan during his time as leader of the Saviors. Negan infamously used the weapon to brutally murder the likes of Glenn and Abraham, as well as many others. Following Negan's defeat and the subsequent narrative time skip, the jailed former villain begged Michonne to let him see Lucille again, but Alexandria's new leader revealed that the weapon had been left on the battlefield following the Saviors' defeat.

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Evidently, Lucille will make her return in The Walking Dead season 10 and there are several possible explanations for this. The main motivation for showing Michonne holding Lucille is to drive home a theme present throughout The Walking Dead's season 10 trailer. As the situation between the allied communities and the Whisperers worsens, the survivors begin to wonder whether war and violence is once again on the horizon. Negan tells Michonne that people have their "sh*tting pants on" and slogans reading "silence the Whisperers" begin cropping up in Alexandria. The question is asked: can peace be maintained or will The Walking Dead's survivors need to go back to their ruthless old attitudes?

The key issue is whether Alexandria should utilize Negan's expertise in subduing and attacking communities and one surreal trailer scene sees Gabriel claim that Negan joining the forthcoming fight is as natural as peanut butter and jelly, even though the former Savior himself is reluctant. This could potentially be the very reason Michonne winds up holding Lucille. Alexandria need Negan's aid and advice to defeat the Whisperers but, broken by years alone inside of a jail cell, Negan has lost his old fighting spirit. In a desperate attempt to stoke the fires of her former nemesis, Michonne may have gone out into the wild and dug up Lucille as a way of tempting Negan back into battle against Alpha and her followers.

Alternatively, the Michonne/Lucille shot could be more symbolic in nature - forming part of a dream sequence. The Walking Dead certainly has history when it comes to seemingly important trailer scenes eventually being revealed as part of a dream, such as the Old Man Rick shot shown ahead of season 8. In the Whisperer War comic arc of The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes struggles with the transition from peaceful leader to army commander and begins taking stronger measures in the new conflict. If Michonne was dreaming about brandishing Lucille, this image could symbolically represent her concerns about turning into a Negan-like dictator by mobilizing against the Whisperers, mirroring the themes explored at this point in the comic series.

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The Walking Dead season 10 premieres October 6th on AMC.

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