Walking Dead Season 10 Images Reveal First Look At New Characters

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AMC releases The Walking Dead season 10 images giving fans a first look at a couple of new characters soon to make their show debut. Season 10 of the long-running zombie apocalypse drama comes at a time when the Walking Dead franchise is going through big changes. Season 10 will be the first full season without Rick Grimes and Danai Gurira recently confirmed that this will be her last season as machete-wielding Michonne too, while cast newcomer Thora Birch looks to make a splash as Whisperer villain Gamma.

Beyond the main show, the franchise is rapidly expanding. As Fear the Walking Dead goes into season 5, a new spinoff show focusing on the first generation of young people to grow up in the post-zombie apocalypse era is about to start shooting. Meanwhile, the AMC plan to make a trilogy of Walking Dead movies focusing on Rick Grimes’ fate after being gravely injured and leaving Alexandria via a mysterious helicopter in season 9. With all that going on, you’d have good cause to worry whether the main show might suffer. Luckily the expansion of the Walking Dead universe doesn’t seem to be affecting it at all. New showrunner Angela Kang proved her ability to turn the show around in season 9 and judging by the Walking Dead season 10 trailer, she looks set to continue her winning streak next season, too.

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Now, AMC’s first look photos are proof of that and hint at an exciting Walking Dead season 10. Among the new characters featured are Virgil (played by The Leftovers’ Kevin Carroll) who is described as “highly intelligent and resourceful and desperately trying to get home to his family.” Also pictured is cast newbie Blaine Kern III (Happy Death Day) who will be playing Brandon - who fans of the Walking Dead comics may recognize - and appears in a photo seemingly guarding Negan as the reformed Savior tends to a tomato patch. AMC also announced that Juan Javier Cardenas (Snowfall) has joined the cast as Dante, although he isn’t pictured in the first look photos. AMC describes him as “a rogue and fast-talking dude” who “will play a pivotal role in the story of Alexandria this season” and - interestingly - his comic counterpart is a love interest of Maggie’s.

Kevin Carroll the walking dead
Kevin Carroll in the walking dead
Norman Reedus Melissa McBride The Walking Dead season 10
The walking dead season 10
walkers the walking dead season 10
seth gilliam Josh McDermitt Avi Nash the walking dead season 10
Blaine Kern III jeffrey dean morgan the walking dead season 10
jeffrey dean morgan seth gilliam the walking dead season 10
cailey fleming danai gurira the walking dead season 10
danai gurira nadia hilker the walking dead season 10
Eleanor Matsuura the walking dead season 10
danai gurira norman reedus the walking dead season 10

Michonne features prominently in the photos, which hopefully means Gurira will be getting lots of screen time in her final season. The photos might also offer a few clues as to how Michonne will exit the show. In one photo, Michonne appears to be protecting Judith from something and in another she’s part of group including Carol and Daryl that seem to be fending off an attack as a fire blazes in the background. Whether they’re fending off Walkers or Whisperers is unclear, but it looks epic either way and could be how Michonne meets her maker (if she’s killed off, that is).

Elsewhere, it looks like Michonne and Magna have formed a friendship despite the initial tension between them and Carol is riding pillion on Daryl’s motorbike, which will no doubt fuel rumors (yet again) that their relationship will turn romantic in season 10. In another photo, Father Gabriel, Eugene and Siddiq are doing their best Three Men and a Baby impression with Rosita and Siddiq’s newborn in tow.

With the introduction of a few new characters and photos that suggest plenty of action-packed plots, The Walking Dead season 10 is already shaping up to be a great one. Find out if it lives up to expectations when season 10 premieres on October 6.

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