Walking Dead Season 10: Unanswered Questions & Theories Before Episode 6

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead

Here are all the major unanswered questions looking ahead to next week's episode of The Walking Dead. The tenth season of The Walking Dead is currently setting the board in preparation for the upcoming Whisperer War arc, in which Alexandria, Hilltop and Kingdom strike back against their skin-wearing enemies. Alpha has been waging a war of attrition on the allied communities, wearing them down and stoking tensions ready to sweep in and clean up whatever's left. Her plan appears to be working, as Alexandria finds itself in chaos after the escape of its previous adversary, Negan.

In this week's episode, the primary focus rests upon the freed Negan, tentatively taking his first steps into the outside world with a fanboy in tow. Elsewhere, Kelly's worsening hearing causes panic at Hilltop, and the tensions among Magna's group continue to divide. Lastly, Alpha moves onto the next stage of her despicable plan.

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What Does Negan Want With The Whisperers?

Brandon and Negan on The Walking Dead season 10

"What It Always Is" ends on Negan, freshly united with his trademark leather coat and a new Lucille, striding purposefully into Whisperer territory. Negan has heard all about the Whisperers while being incarcerated in Alexandria, so the coming together of these two villains is no coincidence, but will the former Savior be a friend or foe to Alpha? On one hand, Negan has valuable information Alpha would gratefully receive, and might've been biding his time waiting for a new community strong enough to oppose his current captors. However, Negan has enjoyed great character development of late, effectively becoming a protagonist. Could his mission be a beneficial one to Alexandria?

Will Gamma Become The New Dwight?

Thora Birch as Gamma On The Walking Dead Unmasked

As part of Alpha's ongoing pre-warfare campaign, Gamma was tasked with using zombie guts to pollute the water supplies around the allied communities but, after cutting herself in the process, was offered a helping hand by Aaron. Gamma reported the meeting back to her leader and it seems Alpha would use her follower as a spy, taking advantage of Aaron's kindness. Even so, viewers also learned this week that Gamma is still suffering the effects of her sister's death and Alpha's cruelty, and she might be tempted into genuinely joining Alexandria's side, just as Dwight did to help topple the Saviors.

Will Yumiko Become Hilltop's Official Chief?

Eleanor Matsuura as Yumiko and Angel Theory as Kelly in The Walking Dead

The Hilltop has struggled for leadership ever since the departure of Maggie, with a succession of new heads lacking in confidence and getting killed off before too long. In last week's episode, a new contender finally emerged from the shadows in the form of Eleanor Matsuura's Yumiko. Organizing people with confidence and making tough calls, Yumiko's rise continued in "What It Always Is," as more and more survivors began seeking her advice. With Maggie's return imminent, however, will a power struggle occur between these two women?

Is Ezekiel's Death Confirmed?

Khary Payton as Ezekiel in The Walking Dead

With predictable regularity in The Walking Dead, characters are killed by zombies, gunfights, sadists wearing a corpse's skin, etc. On rare occasions, the series will deal with a hard-hitting and coldly realistic issue, and such is the case with Ezekiel, who was revealed this week to have a large lump on his neck. Recounting a family history of cancer to Siddiq, Ezekiel bemoaned how the undead apocalypse means that previously curable cancers have now become a death sentence. How long does Ezekiel have, and can he make amends with Carol beforehand?

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Will Kelly Cope With Losing Her Hearing?

Walking Dead Season 9 Time Jump Magna Luke Connie Kelly

Earlier in season 10, The Walking Dead revealed that Kelly was beginning to suffer the same condition that took her sister's hearing. When Connie and Kelly first appeared, Connie was well-adjusted to being deaf and got by with the aid of her sibling, who would translate sign language to others and warn her of oncoming threats. More recently, Connie has been able to stand alone, improving her survival skills under the wing of Daryl. For Kelly, however, coming to terms with being deaf during the zombie apocalypse could prove to be a troubling experience and, for once, she may be forced to rely on the more experienced Connie.

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The Walking Dead season 10 continues with "Bonds" November 10th on AMC.

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