• Here are the biggest questions from The Walking Dead season 10, episode 2. 1 / 9

    Carol and Daryl in The Walking Dead season 10 premiere VERTICAL
  • What's under Beta's mask? Is the FTWD fan theory true? 2 / 9

  • What's going on between Alpha and Beta? Is it romantic, dependent or both? 3 / 9

    Alpha and Beta on The Walking Dead VERTICAL
  • Who was the zombie Beta had been keeping in the asylum? A son, perhaps? 4 / 9

    Alpha and young Lydia on The Walking Dead VERTICAL
  • Will losing Lydia break Alpha? Her hard exterior is already cracking. 5 / 9

  • Is there a rebellion brewing with Whisperers who want to defect? 6 / 9

    Alpha and Lydia on The Walking Dead season 9 VERTICAL
  • Who is Thora Birch's Gamma? A TV original character. 7 / 9

    Thora Birch as Gamma on The Walking Dead
  • What do the Whisperers have planned? They've been collecting zombies in bulk. 8 / 9

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