The Walking Dead Season 10 Character Posters Draw Battle Lines

Alpha and Beta feature in The Walking Dead season 10 poster

AMC is building hype for The Walking Dead season 10 with several new character posters. Premiering in a little over a week, The Walking Dead is about to launch into the highly-anticipated Whisperer War.

In the upcoming season, the united communities are preparing for war against Alpha and her band of Whisperers. In a number of ways, this is one of the most important seasons of The Walking Dead's run. It will be the final outing for Danai Gurira as the fan-favorite Michonne, and showrunner Angela Kang has promised big things for the character before the exit. Based on the Comic-Con trailer, every major character is going to contribute in some way, but it looks like these character posters are highlighting the most important fighters and leaders in the upcoming war.

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AMC has released four new posters for The Walking Dead's tenth season, highlighting the major players. As fans would expect, Michonne, Carol, and Daryl are featured. To potentially highlight his new freedom, Negan is given center focus, alongside Judith. Of course, Alpha and Beta share a poster as well. Check out all the posters below.

It's no surprise Michonne takes a center focus, since AMC likely wants to highlight her as much as possible before the character's exit. Negan and Judith sharing a poster implies the two will continue their friendship, which was a fan-favorite development of the last season. It's also no surprise to see Beta alongside Alpha, the two most dangerous characters in the current storyline.

According to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, The Walking Dead has at least three years left of storylines to cover if the show continues to follow the comic book. In many ways, it's easy to think the main show is in its final phase. Not many cable dramas go past 10 years, and technically there isn't too much more material left in the comics at this point. The show could go a totally original route, but without Rick Grimes and soon Michonne, it remains to be seen if the general public would want to continue watching. However, AMC has not been subtle about creating a universe surrounding The Walking Dead. Even if the main show does end, the franchise is seemingly not going away anytime soon.

The Walking Dead season 10 premieres October 6 on AMC.

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Source: AMC

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