The Walking Dead Reveals Why The Saviors Have Been Disappearing

Walking Dead - Zach McGowan as Justin

Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead revealed that a group of survivors were actually the ones responsible for secretly hunting down and killing the Saviors. Among those involved were Dianne (Kerry Cahill) of the Kingdom and Cyndie (Sydney Park), the leader of Oceanside.

In the second episode of the season, it was discovered that members of the Saviors had mysteriously disappeared. After being banished by Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Justin (Zach McGowan) apparently became the latest Savior to die when he was attacked by an unknown assailant. In this week's episode, his death sowed further division between the Saviors and the other communities. The Saviors blamed those who had good reason to hate them, including Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Jadis (Polyanne McIntosh). After Rick put together a search for the killers, Daryl uncovered a clue that allowed he and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) to track them down.

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It turned out that the murders were orchestrated by a group of women, led by two familiar faces: Cyndie and Dianne. Dianne is a prominent member of the Kingdom who was present in many of the key battles in the war with Negan. Cyndie, who had been developing a close friendship with Daryl, assumed the role of leader of Oceanside after the death of her grandmother.

Both Cyndie and Dianne were to determined to kill Arat for her actions during the war. According to Cyndie, Arat viciously murdered Cyndie's 11-year-old brother without remorse. After listening to Cyndie's story, Daryl and Maggie turn and walk away, effectively washing their hands of the killings. The two then decide to go after Negan, which could mark the beginning of a civil war between Rick and Maggie.

The group claims that Arat would be their last victim. If so, Daryl and Maggie may choose to keep their identities a secret from Rick. If the killings stop, the hunt may eventually die down and the mystery will remain unsolved. To them, the deaths of the Saviors are justice for their loved ones. Cyndie's heart-wrenching story made it easy for Daryl and Maggie to sympathize with her, and may serve as a motivating factor going forward. The end of the deaths won't necessarily mean the end of the trouble, however; last night's episode could be the turning point that will finally drive Maggie to take action against Rick. Though Rick still believes in building a better future, Daryl and Maggie have given up on trying to live in peace with the people who robbed, attacked, and murdered their friends.

How much longer can this fragile peace last?

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The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

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