Walking Dead Actor Recasts Famous Movie Lines

Walking Dead - Ross Marquand as Aaron

When fans tune in every week to their favorite TV show, particularly over multiple seasons, they can often forget that the actors have skills other than playing that one character that has become so familiar. It's a surprise when Dan Stevens can go from wining and dining with the British aristocracy in period drama Downton Abbey to playing an uber-powerful, reality-altering mutant on Legion. It's an even bigger surprise when characters from The CW's Arrowverse burst into quality song and dance numbers on a musical episode of The Flash.

Last year, The Walking Dead fans were treated to an unexpected, non-zombie-related side of Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron on the show. The actor did a video for Vanity Fair, and revealed he was a master of impressions. It wasn't just a series of typical catchphrases from known celebrities, either. Marquand did a succession of hilarious micro-impressions that featured famous actors in everyday life, like "Antonio Banderas forgets his password."

Now Marquand has created a new collection of impressions, which you can watch below. This project for Esquire has him recasting famous movies with other famous actors, like Jack Nicholson taking on the Liam Neeson role in Taken while Neeson steals Mandy Patinkin's iconic introduction from The Princess Bride.


Other highlights include Brad Pitt doing lines from Jaws, Kevin Spacey as Dirty Harry, and Kong: Skull Island star John C. Reilly giving Taxi Driver a totally different and far less menacing vibe. Each impression is labeled for identification, but Marquand does such a thorough job of nabbing the accents, facial expressions, and gestures of each actor, it's easy to pick up on his renditions of the aforementioned actors (plus Keanu Reeves, Colin Farell, and the always-popular Christopher Walken).

Marquand was a relative unknown when he was cast on The Walking Dead in season 5. He was no stranger to voice work, using his impressions skills on animated TV, as well as for Conan O'Brien's late-night talk show. He also played Paul Newman on an episode of Mad Men, and recently flexed his comedy muscles on an episode of The Mindy Project. With the always looming possibility of character death on his current show, it seems wise for the actor to put out such impressive evidence for future casting directors that he truly can portray just about any kind of character type and voice.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

Source: Esquire

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