Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere Makes Rick A Legend

The Walking Dead season 10 premiere, "Lines We Cross", has Judith tell R.J. a story about their father, thus turning Rick Grimes into a legend.

Andrew Lincoln left The Walking Dead last year, but Rick Grimes' presence is still very much felt on the show - and the season 10 premiere went as far as to make Rick somewhat of a legend. Right after Rick disappeared, The Walking Dead jumped six years ahead in order to kickstart a new story, one that left the Saviors behind and brought about a new threat in the Whisperers.

Of course, that six-year time jump meant that Rick's daughter, Judith Grimes, had grown up. Although she's still a kid, she's not the baby that she once was, and now she's even taken on a stronger role within Alexandria and the rest of the communities. She also looks after her younger brother, R.J., who is Rick and Michonne's son. Part of that means taking care of him physically, but another part means teaching him and informing him of the past.

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In The Walking Dead season 10 premiere, "Lines We Cross", Judith and R.J. are sitting together at Oceanside, and Michonne overhears Judith telling her brother a story about a "brave man". As it turns out, that "brave man" is Rick Grimes - their father - and the story is about the day he "died" by blowing up the bridge that separated the oncoming horde of walkers and the rest of the communities.

"...And the Brave Man rode the horse very, very far trying to lead the gigantic herd away. But after a while, the horse got scared and ran away, leaving the Brave Man all alone. So the Brave Man walked all by himself to the bridge. Remember how he built the bridge for all his friends? Well, the millions of walkers followed the Brave Man onto the bridge, and on the other side, all his friends were waiting. The Brave Man couldn't let the walkers reach his friends and hurt them, so he blew up the bridge, and all the walkers fell into the water and he saved all his friends. The end."

Walking Dead season 9 premiere - Rick Judith and Michonne

What's interesting about this story, beyond it being a glorified retelling of what happened to Rick Grimes, is that Judith was too young to remember let alone comprehend what truly happened to her father when the bridge blew up. Plus, she wasn't there. So the story must have been told to her at some point later, presumably either by Daryl or Michonne. Perhaps they told her the story the exact same way so that she could remember her father as a true hero who saved the combined communities. Furthermore, when R.J. asks if the Brave Man went to his friend's house after that, Judith replies no; she says he went to Heaven instead. It's a sad ending to the story considering that Rick is still alive; his family just doesn't know it.

Given that Lincoln is scheduled to return in three Walking Dead movies, and that Danai Gurira is exiting the series as Michonne in season 10, there are quite a few questions regarding the future of the Grimes family. Does Judith stay behind with Daryl (or Negan)? Or does she join Michonne in whatever fate awaits her? Regardless of what happens in the end, the Grimes family's story is not yet over. There are still one or two more adventures coming up, with the first one being against the Whisperers.

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