The Walking Dead: Rick Only Has Two Episodes Left

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes will appear in only two more episodes of The Walking Dead as the character is confirmed to bid goodbye to the AMC series in the show's fifth outing this season. The post-apocalyptic show is just getting started with its 16-episode run this year, but it's already on the brink of a major shake-up as the countdown to Rick's final appearance officially begins.

The Walking Dead is not only losing Lincoln this season. Series veteran Lauren Cohan is also bidding goodbye to her role as Maggie as she transitions in a brand new ABC drama, Whiskey Cavalier, opposite Scott Foley. However, it looks like Rick's departure is coming sooner than later, and while it wasn't exactly a well-kept secret, the idea that his involvement in the show will only boil down to just two more episodes is making fans nostalgic and emotional.

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Shortly after this week's The Walking Dead episode aired, the show's official Twitter account dropped tje huge revelation confirming that Lincoln only has two more outings to go in the post-apocalyptic series. That means that Lincoln's final episode will be "What Comes After" - aptly titled considering that it addresses the fact that The Walking Dead will undoubtedly look and feel different without its primary protagonist in it. The outing is written by Matthew Negrete & Scott Gimple with Greg Nicotero behind the camera. The official synopsis for the episode hints at a Rick-centric offering as he is "forced to face the past as he struggles to maintain the safety of the communities and protect the future he and Carl envisioned."

As for what lies next week, AMC has also released the official promo trailer for the episode titled "The Obliged." The short sneak peek features a slew of shots with some notable ones teasing fans about what key characters like Maggie, Michonne, as well as Rick and Darryl will be up to. While most appear to be operating independently from each other, it seems like Rick and Darryl will spend most of the time together - not necessarily a great thing considering the simmering conflict between the two. Watch the full video (via WGTC) below:

Despite only having two more episodes left before The Walking Dead loses its principal character, it's still difficult to gauge how exactly AMC will execute Rick's exit. As far as everything is concerned, he remains to be deeply embedded in the story with no hints whatsoever that he wants to leave the survivor fortress that he has built unless, of course, something drastic happens that calls for him to abandon the group as well as his friends and family. Otherwise, the only other option is for him to be killed off for his absence moving forward make sense.

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The Walking Dead season 9 airs Sundays on AMC.

Source: The Walking Dead/Twitter, AMC (via WGTC)

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