Everything Carl & Rick Won't Get To Do On The Walking Dead

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Nobody expected it to be this way. Rick Grimes was supposed to live to become Old Man Rick. He was supposed to retire and hand over the reins of leadership to young Carl. At least, that’s what fans of The Walking Dead TV series had hoped for. Fans of the comic books had equally high hopes, given how much further the books have gotten in Carl’s storyline and how far the young boy has come since the start of the zombie apocalypse. But now Carl Grimes is dead and Chandler Riggs is moving on with his career and education. And according to reports of Andrew Lincoln’s potential Season 9 exit, Rick may not be far behind him.

Fans of both iterations of the story have been left reeling wondering what may come. One thing is for certain, the upcoming storylines presented in the comic book series will either be absent or completely rewritten to accommodate these shocking developments. Here’s Everything Carl & Rick Won't Get To Do On The Walking Dead.

Rebuilding Alexandria

Alexandria in The Walking Dead

Following the end of All Out War against Negan and the Saviors, Rick rebuilds Alexandria … and then some. Not only does the good Sheriff bring the neighborhood back from the devastation Negan wrought upon it during the war, but he also connects an entire network of survivors between Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom. This network includes a newly formed alliance between Dwight and the remaining Saviors who chose to follow him after the end of Negan’s reign. A plotline featuring the rebuilding of Alexandria has already been announced for next season, though it seems as though the network would be difficult to piece together with Maggie so desperately angry and plotting against Rick. It would seem necessary to resolve that plotline first, but in theory Rick could accomplish building the network in season 9 through fast pacing and/or time jumps. That said, The Walking Dead typically takes several seasons to get through a single storyline, so it’s difficult to imagine so much ground being covered before Lincoln leaves.

Advancing Civilization

Eugene The Walking Dead Season 8 Worth Josh McDermitt

Not only will viewers see a newer, better Alexandria in season 9, but a stronger, more advanced civilization as well - at least, if things shake out the way they did in the comic books. With the help of Eugene, Alexandria builds a munitions factory along the lines of the one briefly seen during the All Out War arc. Creature comforts are once again available to the survivors through the building of a bread mill, and checkpoints are instituted to ensure roads between the aligned camps stay clear of roaming walkers. There’s also the issue of “herd duty” to attempt to keep the ever-building herd of walkers at bay. If the story progresses fast enough, herd duty could be a convenient way to end Rick’s storyline early.

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Rick’s Relationship With Andrea

Rick and Michonne in The New World

Andrea has been dead for a long time in the show at this point, but fan favorite Michonne has basically taken on much of her storyline. In the comic books, Andrea became a trusted member of Rick’s group, a mother figure to Carl, and an eagle-eyed scout protecting Alexandria from up in the bell tower. Michonne has demonstrated elements of this - practicing with a rifle, forming a relationship with Rick, and being a supportive friend to Carl. Andrea is bitten in the Whisperer War and succumbs to the bite, so if Andrew Lincoln does, in fact, leave the show in season 9, it doesn’t seem likely that both Rick and Michonne will be bitten in the scuffle with the Whisperers. This could be how Rick goes out, should the story progress that far.

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