Walking Dead 'Paper Towns' Fail Sparks Social Media Meme


Like any creative endeavor undertaken by human beings, movies and TV shows aren't immune to mistakes. Whether a project is a low-budget production shot in a week, or a Hollywood studio effort that costs millions of dollars to make, goofs can and will happen. For the most part, film fans and TV watchers tend to take these various errors in stride, sometimes holding them up as a reminder that the crews behind even the biggest name series are still only human at the end of the day.

Such goofs often range from continuity errors concerning hair and clothing, or more glaring mistakes like the windshield on the semi truck the T-1000 chases after Arnold with in Terminator 2 suddenly reappearing completely intact after being busted out mere seconds prior. Over its 7.5 seasons on the air to date, AMC hit The Walking Dead has been no different, playing host to its fair share of technical blunders. For example, in the season 4 episode "Indifference", a crew member can briefly be seen in a window reflection. In another season 4 episode, "Internment", the door of a car repeatedly opens and closes during a conversation scene.

In what might be The Walking Dead's weirdest production gaffe yet, Reddit user Abberline1888 noticed that during a pivotal scene in last Sunday's season 7.5 premiere, members of Rick's group can be seen standing in front of a building that's interior appears to be made out of paper. The original image and Reddit post are included below.

When you blow the entire budget on zombies and have to use a sheet of paper for the inside of the house from thewalkingdead

AMC has yet to offer an official comment on the image or the error it exposes, which has since taken off in popularity on social media. However, TWD star Chandler Riggs (Carl) left a comment on the above post saying "glad i wasn't the only one that noticed." While one might be inclined to wonder if the commenter - posting under the name chandlercriggs -  in question is really Riggs, the actor recently conducted a verified Reddit AMA session using the same username, lending credence to the fan hypothesis of the Hilltop Colony being a so-called "paper town."


In perhaps the most clever response to the image showcasing the paper interior, Reddit user Whitesquare offered the following tongue-in-cheek explanation for the TWD crew's error: "It's a nice callback to the comics though. All the interior shots are paper for the comic. Exterior shots too actually." Considering how much TWD creator Robert Kirkman loves giving less than serious answers to fan questions, one wonders if he might just be inclined to agree with Whitesquare's explanation.

The Walking Dead season 7.5 airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

Source: Reddit (via Huffington Post)

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