The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Board Game Raises $433,000 on Kickstarter

Walking Dead No Sanctuary Board Game

Despite the wave of sadness surrounding Negan's recently claimed victims, AMC's The Walking Dead remains easily the most popular scripted series on TV today. With that in mind, the creators of crowd-funded board game project The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary had to have expected they might receive a high pledge turnout from the series' legion of fans. After all, a fanbase this passionate would no doubt love the opportunity to experience an interactive apocalyptic adventure set in the universe of their favorite show.

Created by Adam and Brady Sadler, No Sanctuary is designed for 1-4 players, and relies on a team-based survival horror concept. One player assumes the role of leader - essentially becoming the Rick Grimes of the group, although that player does not have to be represented on the board by Rick's image - and the other players can decide whether or not to support and/or go along with their leader's decisions. Gameplay is card-based, and the basic game package is estimated to take about an hour to play. Expansion decks can increase the length of each game if desired.

Walking Dead fans seemingly really like the idea of playing No Sanctuary, as the project has now blown past its initial funding goal of $250,000 on Kickstarter. As of the time of writing, No Sanctuary has raised a grand total of $433, 644, and late pledges are still open. The next stretch goal is $450,000, and if met, will add 10 Woodbury residents to the base game as either rivals to the player's group, or innocent civilians in danger from the walker menace.

Walking Dead logo from the title sequence in decaying every season

The original base set of No Sanctuary game pieces allowed players to assume the avatars of Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Andrea, Dale, Merle, Shane, or T-Dogg. Each character is represented by an intricately detailed mini-figure that rests on a plastic stand. Subsequently reached stretch goals have added additional characters like Sasha and Morgan to the base package, with available expansion packs adding characters like Maggie, Herschel, Michonne, Carl, Carol, and Tyreese. Many of these extras will be exclusive to Kickstarter donors who pledge enough to receive a copy of the game itself.

Should No Sanctuary become popular enough, one imagines that the gameplay options will only continue to be expanded as The Walking Dead series itself continues to expand its own roster of characters and scenarios. With no end in sight for Robert Kirkman's sprawling tale, No Sanctuary could end up being a very lucrative enterprise indeed, assuming the quality level of what's been produced so far continues.

The Walking Dead season 7 airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

Source: Kickstarter

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