Everything We Know About Walking Dead's Third Series

AMC is readying a third The Walking Dead TV series in addition to current spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead. Here's everything revealed so far.

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Here is all the information released so far regarding the upcoming third The Walking Dead TV series. As AMC's most popular property by a comfortable distance, the announcement of a The Walking Dead spinoff in 2013 didn't come as much of a surprise. Premiering two years later under the title Fear The Walking Dead, the companion series has experienced mixed fortunes during its five seasons so far, but has recently made a concerted effort to crossover fully with The Walking Dead, mixing in characters and story arcs from the main show.

Fear The Walking Dead has officially been confirmed for a sixth season, and if that wasn't enough zombie apocalypse action, a theatrical movie starring Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes is also currently in production. However, AMC aren't stopping there with The Walking Dead's franchise expansion, and a third series has also been unveiled. Although still in the early stages of development, some salient details have emerged regarding the latest installment in The Walking Dead's canon.

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When Will The Walking Dead's Third Series Release?

Walking Dead Season 9 Time Jump

Although an exact release date for The Walking Dead's third series has not yet been confirmed, AMC's first official announcement slated a premiere date for 2020. Following a tweet from The Walking Dead's official Twitter account, that date has since been narrowed down to Spring 2020.

Typically, The Walking Dead runs from October to March/April and Fear The Walking Dead seasons premiere in either April or June, concluding in late September/early October in time for the start of the main series. It seems likely that the third series will sit in the small gap between those two schedules, perhaps running its ten-episode first season uninterrupted from April until June, ensuring a year-round supply of The Walking Dead material. With these prospective dates in mind, it's possible some overlap will occur.

Confirmed Cast For The Walking Dead's Third Series

Annet Mahendru as Nina in The Americans

The principle cast of the third The Walking Dead spinoff has been confirmed and reads as follows:

  • Aliyah Royale as Iris
  • Annet Mahendru as Huck
  • Alexa Mansour as Hope
  • Nicolas Cantu as Elton
  • Hal Cumpston as Silas

This is a relatively young and inexperienced cast, but some viewers may recognize Mahendru and Royale from The Americans and The Red Line, respectively. Much of Cantu's previous work has been within the world of voice acting. In contrast, the crew of The Walking Dead's third season looks far more familiar, with long-serving franchise names Scott M. Gimple and Matt Negrete both involved. The series will be directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island).

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Potential Titles For The Walking Dead's New Series

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes

Earlier this month, the working title for The Walking Dead's new project was revealed to be Monument. It's standard practice for these monikers to be dropped closer to a show's premiere date, but the name does fit in neatly with the spinoff's central theme of youth surviving through a zombie apocalypse.

Whatever title AMC eventually land on, there's a strong possibility that the new show will continue the Walking Dead naming pattern in order to maintain brand recognition. Monument To The Walking Dead, anyone?

Plot Details For The Walking Dead's Third Series

Danay Garcia as Luciana, Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Maggie Grace as Althea, Ethan Suess as Max, Jenna Elfman as June, Alexa Nisenson as Charlie in Fear The Walking Dead

Although AMC is shrouding the new Walking Dead project in their usual aura of mystery, some basic plot details have emerged. As the cast's age implies, the third series will focus on the first generation of children to be born during the zombie apocalypse, with Iris and Huck acting as central protagonists. Reports from filming locations in Virginia also confirm a plane crash will form part of The Walking Dead's new series, which could potentially tie into the previous Flight 462 web series.

A short teaser for the third Walking Dead series strongly suggests that the new crop of characters will begin the story in a place of safety, some sort of Alexandria-style settlement, but venture out into the wider world to "grow up." Arguably, this is the opposite of everything Rick Grimes fought to create. It also appears that the second spinoff will be set at least during the same period as The Walking Dead season 10, if not later, with vegetation beginning to overwhelm the man-made monuments of yore.

Given everything known so far, it's possible that The Walking Dead's third TV series will aim to appeal to a YA audience.

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The third The Walking Dead series premieres in Spring 2020 on AMC.


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