The Walking Dead's Negan is Excited About Being Allowed to Say 'F**k'

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead

Fans will finally see Negan dropping some the F-word in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead and Jeffrey Dean Morgan could not be any happier. The new season of the hit AMC series is almost upon us and out of everything that we can get excited about it, including the heavily teased "All Out War", seeing the suave supervillain pushing his terrifying speeches to the next level with the use of blatant curse words is high on the list.

Officially introduced in the very emotionally draining primer for season 7, Negan has become a force in current The Walking Dead narrative. The Alexandrians suffered several significant losses that caused Rick to bow down and roll over with every single thing that the Saviors and their leader command him to do. It was definitely frustrating to see our heroes undergo such terrible fate in an already dire situation. Good thing, the new installment will finally see the former police-officer turned leader of the survivors,  finding the strength to get it together and stand up for his people.


Despite that, we cant expect Negan to just back down. In fact, he might even be more brutal and ruthless when Rick and his cohorts start to provoke him. Not that he isn't already frightening, but Morgan is hyped about being able to be more passionate in his speeches with the use of some F-bombs as he revealed during New York Comic-Con to ComicBook:

"F*ck yes! F*ckin’ f*ck! It’s a year f*ckin’ late! That’s was all I got on that. I’m real excited. I think we should’ve had that rule.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 16

For those, however, who are a bit concerned about Negan and The Walking Dead possibly going overboard with the cursing, Morgan added that there is actually a set number of F-bombs they can use and that they promise to use them wisely instead of just casually dropping them without really the need for it. "You only get two in a year so we’re gonna be fighting for them,” he said.

The internet is populated with side-by-side video recaps of Negan's supposedly curse-laden speech at the start of last year's outing with the censored one that was actually broadcast on TV. And, looking at it, other than the fact that he basically used the F-bomb in between the same words, it did not really add anything more to the sequence. Having said that, Morgan's comments hint that they would be more mindful on when to use the aforementioned term than just being dialogue fillers.

Morgan was able to effectively present a cruel, vicious and frightening villain without really having the need to use curse words. If anything, his inability to use the F-word only helped him and the people behind The Walking Dead get more creative with his speeches. Now that he could finally utilize an F-bomb or two, it would be interesting to find out just if it will result in any significant difference in terms of his antagonistic vibe.


The Walking Dead season 8 premieres October 22nd on AMC.

Source: ComicBook

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