The Walking Dead: Negan's Kill Scene Gets the LEGO Treatment

[This post contains SPOILERS for The Walking Dead season 7 premiere.]

After months of waiting and wondering, this past Sunday saw the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead finally arrive on AMC. The cliffhanger ending of season 6 had promised fans that one member of Rick's group would die at the hands of psychotic villain Negan - or more specifically at the business end of his trademark weapon, Lucille - and within the first couple of segments, that promise had been fulfilled in the most gruesome of ways. Abraham met his maker, but in a way true to his character - the big bad redhead went out defiant to the bitter end.

Unfortunately, Negan's bragging afterward was too much for Daryl, who socked the murderer in the jaw. Little did Daryl know that his was the worst possible move he could have made. Instead of taking his fury at this transgression out on Daryl himself, Negan proceeded to cave in Glenn's skull in disgustingly twisted fashion, popping his victim's eye right out of its socket on only the second swing of Lucille. Actor Norman Reedus says that these tragic events will soon lead Daryl down a "very dark" path, as one might imagine.

Still, even in times of sadness, it's important to get laughs in where one can, and fans of The Walking Dead have been no exception to that rule. In the days since Sunday's premiere, dozens of memes concerning Negan killing Glenn and Abraham have circulated around the web, with one particularly morbid one suggesting that Glenn's favorite restaurant was Popeye's. On that front, Youtube user Kristo499 has seen fit to entertain TWD fans with a nearly spot-on LEGO recreation of Negan's kills from the premiere. Check out the full clip above.

Negan in The Walking Dead

While obviously not a flawless recreation - Michonne looks a bit too much like Captain Jack Sparrow for one - it's easy to appreciate the painstaking animation work that must have gone into creating the above video. LEGO Negan looks terrific, and the movements of his swings with Lucille are expertly crafted. Also done exceedingly well are the piles of brain matter and skull pulp left behind after Negan finishes caving in a skull.

In a fun easter egg, one can even see Gollum from Lord of the Rings pop up near the middle of the clip. For those wondering what Gollum has to do with The Walking Dead, the character often cameos in Kristo499's Youtube projects. One assumes Gollum was more than happy to witness Negan's display of violence, although sources say his alter ego Smeagol had a different reaction entirely.

The Walking Dead season 7 airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

Source: Kristo499

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