The Walking Dead Actor Says Fans Will Wish Cliffhanger ‘Never Ended’

The Walking Dead season 6 cliffhanger - Negan

The Walking Dead fans might not see eye to eye on the matter who will first get the bat boot during the season 7 premiere, but there’s one thing almost everyone can agree on: the answer to who was "it" in that wicked game of "eeny, meeny, miny, moe" is overdue at this point. As much fun as all the speculation has been -- though for many, it’s been a summer-long source of ire, instead -- this is one cliffhanger that needs to finally drop.

According to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who portrays the killer-in-progress Negan, though, The Walking Dead fans are going to eat their words about wanting to speed up the reveal process once it finally happens. Hyping the inevitable moment of despair that’s to come when the brutal season 6 finale scene is expanded at long last, with at least one confirmed fatality to come, Morgan talked to fans at the Supernatural Minneapolis 2016 convention and warned them that the pain of so much anticipation is going to feel like pure paradise after the show returns.

Here is the exact quote from Morgan, per Comic Book:

I can’t stress enough that if you were one of those people who were like, ‘Oh, f***ing cliffhanger,’ you’re going to be really wishing that the cliffhanger had never ended after the first episode back. So, be careful what you wish for.”

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Morgan also fielded a comparison to one of his other villainous screen personas -- Max in 2011’s The Resident -- and said that the role decidedly does not compare to what he’s slinging with Negan in The Walking Dead. “You have no idea. That was nothing,” he teased. He also explained that the show is currently halfway through production on the new season and that he’s been in “full-on villain mode” so far and expects to stick around for “at least a few years” on the series, based on the fact that Negan still alive in Robert Kirkman’s comics. (Of course, the TV show doesn't always follow the source material leads on character longevity.)

While he’s sure Walking Dead fans are going to be appalled by his alter ego, Morgan is also delighted at the possibility of Negan sticking around for a while:

This has been an extraordinary experience being on The Walking Dead this year. This role in particular is probably the hardest, most fun time, all-in-one, can’t sleep craziness."

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The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 23rd, 2016.

Source: Comic Book

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