Negan & Gabriel Have a Chat on The Walking Dead

AMC releases a clip from the confrontation between Gabriel and Negan in the next episode of The Walking Dead season 8, 'Big Scary U'.

A new clip from next week's episode of The Walking Dead previews a tense conversation between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). The previous meeting between the pair was what prompted fans to speculate that Gabriel will be the next major character to be killed off on the show, to begin with.

The Walking Dead season 8 brought "All Out War" to the Saviors after Rick united Alexandra, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom into making a stand against their oppressors. In the season premiere, Rick and the others launched a coordinated attack on Negan's base. With the aid of a zombie hoard, Rick's army was able to lay waste to the Saviors' outpost. The battle was a victory for Rick's forces, though it didn't come without a cost. Aaron (Ross Marquand) lost his husband Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson), and Gabriel was left behind by Gregory (Xander Berkeley).

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The episode ended with Gabriel hiding in a trailer, only to find it occupied by Negan. The scene ended with Negan's chilling warning to Gabriel: "I hope you're wearing your shitting pants." AMC has released a clip of next week's episode, titled "Big Scary U", which gives fans a tease of what comes next for Negan and Gabriel.

The clip shows Negan calmly carrying on a conversation with Gabriel. The conversation begins with an innocent question about why Gabriel became a priest. When Gabriel talks about his desire to help people through their weaknesses, Negan says that he shares the same goal, which he has tried to accomplish "one way or another" his whole life. Negan tells Gabriel that people outside are going to start dying since he isn't there to stop it, which suggests that Negan still sees himself as a heroic figure for the Saviors. The clip ends as Negan begins to whistle while zombies beat even harder on the trailer.

Fans are understandably worried for Gabriel's life, considering Negan's murderous reputation as well as the fact that he just lost his base to Rick's forces. Though Negan doesn't go into a rampage and immediately kill Gabriel in the clip, the character is still far from safe. A promo for the episode shows Negan, armed with Lucille, tackling Gabriel and sitting on top of him.

This episode could easily be end of Gabriel, but its also possible that Negan will seek to use him as leverage against Rick, just as he did with Sasha in the season 7 finale.  This tactic failed, but it may not stop Negan from trying it again.

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The Walking Dead season 8 continues with "Big Scary U" on Sunday, November 19 on AMC.

Source: AMC

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