'Walking Dead' Movie Being Considered by AMC?

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One of the reasons that Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead comic book was so ripe for adaptation into a TV series was that Kirkman's intent with the comic was to tell a "continuing story of horror." Instead of having protagonists being whittled down to the last corpse standing, Kirkman was interested in exploring what would happen if people actually did keep surviving over time in a hellish environment like the zombie apocalypse.

In that sense, The Walking Dead clearly works better as a TV show than a feature film, as the latter would inevitably have to bend Kirman's "never ending story" rule in order to fit a theatrical run time. However, with the Walking Dead comic already marking issue #100, and Kirkman slowly moving into other projects, an inevitable end to the comic (and subsequently the show) aren't unthinkable. And what better way to end things than with a movie?

Bloody Disgusting has shared a rumor from their sources close to The Walking Dead TV show, stating that early - totally unofficial - discussion has begun about a Walking Dead feature film. It's made clear that this is NOT something that will happen any time soon, but is simply a thought about the future, when the TV series has run its course for a few seasons. The film would presumably provide an end to the series - and of course, would only occur if the Walking Dead still has the ratings to justify it.

Robert Kirkman talks The Walking Dead Season 2

Ironically enough, The Walking Dead was pitched as a movie before it was developed into a TV show by AMC. Doubly ironic is the fact that Robert Kirkman's increased success as a result of TWD, and new status as a TV executive working on the show, could actually influence him to wrap the comic (or at least stage a major event) that would serve to make for a an epic and exciting movie. DC and Marvel have learned to think in multimedia terms in the past decade; it's only natural the independent comic creator would do the same.

Take this all with a grain of salt for now, as there are so many, many, variables in this equation that no one can say if it will ever add up to anything. But we can take a vote (this is America, after all) about whether or not we want see a Walking Dead film at all:

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The Walking Dead season 3 begins this fall on AMC.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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